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Monday, May 11, 2009

By the Way...

All this stuff about preventing the SWINE know, the washing your hands, the covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, the staying home when you or your kids are sick...


Essentially, YOU are all disgusting, filthy people. if the government has to tell you things that you should already be doing AND should be making your kids do, then you really deserve to get sick.

YOU are the people I've always wondered about most. When I'm in a restaurant or other place of business, using the restroom, and I see a sign that reads "Employees MUST Wash Hands before returning to Work" I think three things...

1) Well DUH!
2) Shouldn't EVERYONE do this regardless of if we work here?
3) Why do we need a sign for this anyway? (See above reasons)

I know, not all guys wash their hands after a wee. Probably because A) we don't tend to piss on our hands and B) some guys are so homophobic they can't touch their own cocks, even in a restroom (seriously, those guys who undo their pants and their hands go up onto the wall as if they're being frisked by the cops...those are total homophobes). But really, all the "safety protocols" the government has been issuing are all things you & your kids should be doing already.

Don't even pretend that YOU'RE KIDS are not the problem, either. Being a no kids kind of guy I get to explain that one reason I will never have them is because NONE of the kids I've seen in 25 years of performing for them at schools actually are clean enough or well-mannered enough to trust with something as simple as covering their mouths when coughing or sneezing. I can't trust that your germ factories won't kill my clean kids. I don't know what you "parents" are doing, but it has nothing to do with hygiene or at the absolute least, Kleenex.

So now that the SWINE FLU is somewhat "yesterday's news", but may become relevant again when it mutates by the next flu season, I simply state again...



Blogger sue said...

What I can't believe as a farmer (no livestock) is the stupidity that "swine" flu can be contracted by eating pork or being around a pig. NOT. China has refused to import pork from the U.S. and Egypt is killing pigs. WTF? These people are ridiculous. The grain and pork markets are falling because of these unfounded beliefs. It's nuts.

Oh, and I agree 100% with you that everyone SHOULD be doing those things anyway. But, yeah... how many don't? Would really make you ill to know the true numbers. :(

8:29 AM


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