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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To the Tea-Baggers

First off, you REALLY should come up with a better name. In 2009, tea-bagging means something completely different from what you're trying to say.

I know it.

My readers know it.

Rachael Maddow knows it and I ASSUME she has merely heard the term and not practiced in the art.

Apparently the folks who don't know this are the tea-baggers themselves (and a few testicle-free, empty-mouthed prudes out there)

Keeping your ignorance at bay and focusing on your incredibly confusing and inexplicably misguided protest for a moment, let me just say this...You are truly doing the absolute LEAST you can do. I'm amazed you offered that much effort to be honest. Enjoy your pointless attempt at social relevancy.

Go pay your taxes.


Blogger Gordon D said...

You know what the *really* sad thing is?

The first Boston Tea Party had an impact...because tea drove the economy of England. By dumping that tea, the colonists were depriving England of money.

Doing that now seems...well, lame.

You're better off, like, not watching porn or eating McDonalds.

(The former, I think, would bring our nation to a standstill...and I doubt the teabaggers would ever watch porn).

7:34 AM


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