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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Testing, Testing, One...Two...

I am testing something that just may get me to sign up for EVERY one of those stupid social networks.

You know, those MySpace/Facebook/Twitter things that you all sign up for like sheep, invite everyone you know to be your friend, and then and use like mad until you sign up for the next LinkedIn/Tumbler/PLURK thing, abandoning your previous social network? Those things.

I've stated my opinions on these things before and while I still stand by the statements, I point out that among the reasons I haven't used them is that none of you manage to tell me a good reason to sign up for them, offering no benefits or citing decidedly different nuances that set the new one apart from the old one. To date, you still haven't given me a reason worth my time nor have you stopped in sending me invitations.

You haven't even been able to tell me about a service that would allow me to do exactly what I am doing right now. If this test works I'll tell you a;; about it and then MAYBE you'll start doing the right thing and being just as responsible when signing up for your next Friendster/Yammer/Koornk.

Am I acting smug and superior? Yup. ;)


Blogger Gordon D said...

Well, I've tried not to invite you to stuff like that, mostly because...well, you had asked nicely.

If I were to press, I would suggest that you consider LinkedIn to find professional contacts - it allows you to search, and simply put, if someone is a "friend of a friend", you can have an introduction forwarded. It takes some of the legwork out of networking...but I'm not sure there's a big juggling community on it.

Other than that, hey - if you want to stick to e-mail and blogging, I'm totally cool with that. Consider it "sticking it to the social media man", or something.

4:20 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

Are you acting smug and superior? I don't think you're acting.

(I'm fully aware of my inferiority. I revel in it. And, after having engaged you in MySpace, I have pretty much tried to leave you alone while I messed about in Facebook, Twitter, and Plinky. You're too cool for all that stuff.)

7:52 AM


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