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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

I am as much to blame for this as anyone.

How in the HELL did a show like "Freaks and Geeks" not last, like, a million seasons?!?

What on Earth was YOUR problem, people? How did I miss this one?

We're watching the DVD box set of the all-too-short series and cannot believe that A) we missed out on it entirely, and B) So did all of you!

Damn near EVERYONE from that show is a multi-million-dollar project star these days. The writing far surpasses everything on air these days. I find a reason to laugh my ass off and cry moments later WITH EVERY EPISODE.




Of course, since it is another show cast by the brilliant Alison Jones Casting, and I am fairly confident I will never get cast by them (I did not get the role of "the plate-spinner" on a Jeff Garlin ["Curb Your Enthusiasm"/Chicago comedian] pilot a few years back and am still kinds bitter about it) I'll just feign some kind of "I knew it" attitude and hope that there's justice in the world to be found by the cancellation of some really AWFUL show. (Not offering suggestions, but I am fairly certain there are a lot of "Everybody Loves Raymond" kind of people out there who are watching some equally stagnant and dreadful show today that would truly deserve having their show sent to the recycle bin.)

And DON'T even try to act superior and tell me you were on the "Freaks and Geeks" bandwagon back in the day. You weren't. More people watched "Manimal" when it aired some years earlier than this brilliant show. DON'T EVEN TRY!


Blogger Gordon D said...

I blame the network - they probably put it on at some ungodly hour and then pointed and said, "Hey, nobody's watching"

(And I'm only just *now* getting into it, so I can't claim bandwagon priority)

8:30 AM


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