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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obligatory Year In Review: The Verdict

After looking at all the fun I can say that there was a relatively small amount of crap. As you know, some years have been FILLED with crap and bad luck. 2008 seemed to be relatively crap-free on my end, all things considered.

Yes, there were some bad things, some inconvenient things, and a few panic-inducing things as well. That being said, I cannot recall too many of them which leads me to believe that they were not worth mentioning or that the rest of the year was pretty good. I'd remember more crap, right?

So at the risk of bringing on a shit-storm for 2009 I can honestly say that 2008 was a pretty good year on a personal level. I am hopeful for more gigs. I managed to sock away a LITTLE bit of cash (not enough to buy a house, but not so little I'll be kicked out of one). I made new friends and business contacts. I experienced a lot of local desert life. I stayed relatively healthy. I paid bills. I enjoyed my first full year in Las Vegas quite a lot.

Do I want bigger and better in 2009? Yes indeed. Would I be happy with another year like 2008? I believe the answer would have to be YES.


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