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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It is Snowing on the Strip

I have no need to see or play in snow ever again. We had some snow the other night which covered the Spring Mountains and all of the Red Rock area. Very beautiful to look at, indeed, but I don't need to be driving or shoveling any of it.

Today a big storm came through and there's snow all around the Valley, including the Strip.
I will confess that seeing snow falling on the Vegas Strip is quite a beautiful thing to witness. That being said, I'd rather it turn to water soon and help feed our drying Lake Mead.

Other things I don't need to be seeing so frequently...Rod-Fucking-Blagojevich! I moved out of Illinois and I believe I shouldn't have to endure his stupid haircut, his lame jokes, or his nasally voice anymore regardless of political scandal and intrigue. I can also do without having to hear every fucking news anchor screwing up his name. All of whom MUST be overpaid for not being courteous enough to get the correct pronunciation down before going to air, right?

Oh yeah! I don't need to see Carol Marin on MSNBC either! She's a wonderfully competent and accomplished news anchor and reporter from Chicago. I will never deny her her accolades and achievements as she richly deserves every penny she's made and every kind word about here ever uttered.

Now that that is out of the way, I never could stand...ok, this does sound awful...looking at her on my evening news. Something strange about watching that gal read the news to me. Maybe it had something to do with her eyes, but she always freaked me out.

So naturally, on MSNBC, the decided to bring on Carol to tell me all about...Rod-Fucking-Blagojevich!

At least she knew how to pronounce the name.

So listen up, Illinois! I miss a few people, a few places, and many restaurants from there. The snow, the Governors with the gapped teeth and the 70's hair, and the news reporters with the Rasputin eyes - DON'T MISS THEM AT ALL! Stay there and stop coming here to visit!


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