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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The George Carlin Table

I did not make much, if any mention of the death of George Carlin earlier this year. Mostly I kept mum about it because it was rather devastating to me. I never got to see him live, though we'd always made plans to do so. He was significant and influential in ways I'm all but certain I'll never be myself. He was a genius.

That being said, let me tell you about the show I'll be doing Tuesday night.

I am juggling at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant, which is being held at the Orleans Casino in Vegas. Want more here!

The Orleans was the last regular gig in Vegas that George Carlin had and he was there very frequently. I will be working in the same showroom as he used to work.

The table provided by the Orleans for me to use as a prop table on stage during the act is referred to by the tech crew as, "The George Carlin Table". There's not much special about this table other than it is on wheels and covered in a black skirt. I asked why it had such a name. Apparently it was either built for George or simply brought into the theatre for him at his request. He wanted to use that for all his shows or benefit programs for whatever reason and since he was about the only performer to use the table every time the crew just started referring to it as "The George Carlin Table". For this evening's performance I will be using the table to hold all of my juggling props. Therefore...

The "place for my stuff" will be "The George Carlin Table".

I find nothing more wonderful about the coincidental brilliance of this fact.

I am certain that if George were alive he would find this as amusing as I do. Whether or not he would consider my stuff to be shit...I cannot say. Of course he may be more happy to know that, essentially, my balls are on his table.

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Blogger sue said...


10:21 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Very touching factoid, there. Good luck with this gig, Andy. I'm sure you'll feel George's presence.I miss him too but I don't do eulogies well.

4:33 PM

Anonymous Special Ed said...

I did a gig where Buddy Holly did his last show. Clear Lake Iowa, I think, or Cedar Lake . . . whatever . . . I didn't die there, so that was nice. Yay me!

Special Ed

5:40 PM


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