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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Condiment day at the Martellos

Technically, condiment day was a few weeks back when we got a helluvalotta mustards sent to us from the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. Of course, since I've not bee blogging as much as I should, you never heard about that great day. So...

Today we received another "booster pack" from the Mustard Museum. I ordered a three pack of the single greatest authentic Dijon ever made, Temeraire Authentic Dijon. What can I say? They had a great sale going on. We've got to help out a troubled economy somehow, right?

Seriously, if you haven't tried any of this glorious mustard yet, you are depriving yourself one of life's greatest treasures. I can eat this right out of the jar. No sandwiches, no salads, straight from the jar. IT IS THAT GOOD!

Also waiting on our doorstep is something I've been wanting to get for myself for some time but chose not to indulge for MANY monetary reasons. Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the proud owner of two 5oz bottles of,
Tabasco brand Garlic Pepper Sauce. I discovered this in Vegas at Harrie's Bagelmania, and I've been bitter about the fact I cannot find it in ANY of our local stores ever since.

Many know I am not a big fan of hot sauces. Generally, the folks who go nuts for hot sauces do so because they have tiny little pieces of manhood in their pants and feel eating things that make their eyes water and their urine burn will help. What they forget is that flavor is the key. Hot can be great. No flavor? No need for hot.

While many don't consider the original Tabasco to be that hot, it is my favorite hot sauce. Three simple ingredients, loads of flavor, and a lot of kick. Perfect.

The Garlic Pepper Sauce is much milder than the original and uses three different kinds of peppers as well as a wonderful amount of garlic. The result is, in my opinion, perfection IMPROVED ( I know...I see the literal contradiction. Leave me alone). This sauce is truly everything anyone with any taste would want in a hot sauce. I'm amazed I waited this long to give myself the present.

That being said, I won't be waiting much longer to get the fixins for one of my killer Bloody Marys. I generally use a VERY hot and VERY flavorful sauce, Pain is Good, for these, but now I can have this on hand for when I don't want my lips to burn, but rather eagerly head back for more tasty drink.

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