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Friday, November 28, 2008

About My YouTube Clips

You can always see footage of me at my main website or select clips at my YouTube site.

What you don't always see on YouTube is a chance to rate or comment on a clip. You may even add a comment and never see it online. This is because a lot of performers out there search for similar acts, rate those acts poorly, and then leave comments about how much better their act is, remembering to SPAM for their own site along the way.

I don't care how much better your act is. Why? I am a PROFESSIONAL act who has been making a living in this business for nearly 25 years. If your act is better, then good for you. Sorry to see by your site that you are NOT making a living at it. Shame since you have such a great act and all. of course, I've checked out all your sites before deleting your harsh comments on my pages don't have AN act much less a BETTER act. Sorry.

I also find that far too many folks wishing to crap on my candy are among those freaks that LIVE and LOVE to work for Renaissance Fairs. Good lord! Don't EVER get me started on those things.

If you love that sort of thing, all the better. Sad you haven't realized that you're still not making any money at the entertainment thing if you frequent those venues. Sadder still is that you think you're really going to become the next Flying Karamozov Brothers or Penn & Teller, who are about the only Ren Fair acts I can think of that have ever actually gone on to successful careers. You need to do a lot less pot and actually put together a press kit before you can get anywhere near their levels of success.

Note that I have not mentioned the names of any of these people who has felt it necessary to trash my act. Why? Professional courtesy prevents me from doing so, even though these folks are not at all professionals.


Anonymous Special Ed said...

Hah ha fucking ha!!! Thanks for the laugh,

Special Ed

5:27 PM


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