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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Story in Four Pictures

I know, for comedy's sake I should really tell this tale in three pictures, but I have four and I like them all. I also plan on adding some text to give some explanation and detail. So really, this is just another blog post. DEAL!

This is my "new" chair!
It is actually a vintage late 1950's to mid 1960's leather office chair, described as "Eames Style". It features soft leather with a fabulous wooden base and brass-covered casters. The seat is cloth and in near perfect condition. The chair is somewhat adjustable and it rocks back a bit with perfect comfort in mind. That is to say, IT ROCKS!

I'm somewhat familiar with the Eames family and their furniture, but not enough to say if this is or is not one of their. I do know it is a killer retro chair in great shape and comfortable as all get out. The owners of the shop believe this to be an actual Eames chair, but cannot sell it as such because the tag was removed from the bottom of the chair. The quality of the work and the weight of the chair suggests that this is authentic, if not just plain cool! Were it to have the tag still on it I'd not be owning this chair at all as it would have cost $500.00 or more in the present condition. Without the tag and with a little haggling on my end over a small tear in the leather on one arm (small enough to fix with no effort at all) the cost was a mere $45.00!

This is my wife's cat, Phil. He is pictured here taking a quick look around to see if anyone (me) would stop him from inspecting the chair for damages. I expected Phil would want to do such an inspection. When deciding to buy the chair I knew it would need his full approval if it were to become a part of the household.

Here we see Phil, after a thorough visual inspection and many a "sniff test", trying out the chair for comfort, height, and durability. Not knowing whether this would be my new office chair or simply a chair for me to enjoy a cigar and a martini, he figured it would be best to test out all the possibilities. Judging by the way he is scanning the room too, he may be worried I'll chase him out of my new chair.

In this final photo we can clearly see Phil saying to himself,
"Fuck Andy! This is MY CHAIR!"


Blogger Bud said...

Phil has good taste. What should we expect.

6:28 PM

Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Nice chair! Nice of you to buy a chair for the cat

6:51 AM


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