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Monday, July 28, 2008

Reasons for Radio Silence

No, this is not another post about why there haven't been any podcasts.

I'm referring to the vague nature of my "irons on the fire".

In case I haven't mentioned this before (though I'm quite certain I have), I am rehearsing with a new partner for a show. The show is designed for everything from corporate work to theatres, and TV work. I am replacing one half of the team and taking over his role. The guy has left the act voluntarily so there's no vicious coup here.

With the new role comes new skills and new acts to learn. There is also a lot of rewriting to make the act fit the new duo and reflect our own comedic sensibilities.

Moreover, our first show together isn't until August 22nd. Until then (unless something comes up sooner) the other guy is working the shows they have. He knows that a replacement is in order but he doesn't know who it is, when the new guy will take over, etc..

I also cannot make too much mention of it because the agencies in town know this act well and know the guy I'm replacing well. We cannot make any mention of this change until the act if completely broken in. That is to say, we need several shows under our belt, new photos, new video, new press kit, and all that rot. Then people will be made aware of the new and improved program and have no fears of a seamless transition.

PLUS, my partner has a LOT going on with this act. In the short time I've been rehearsing we've been approached about a possible regular gig on the Strip, we have at least two other venues we're working on for small corporate events, a separate touring show where we'd headline and have supporting acts surround us, and we're getting the act back into the college circuit. If any one of these things hits I could be extremely busy in a short amount of time.

All that being said, I cannot tell anyone in the business here about my involvement yet. Only a few friends and family members know about it and I can't use the names or anything to promote myself in the area. Lord knows I can use a little boost in the gig-getting department out here.

None of this bothers me, it is just a bit frustrating to be sitting on a powder keg and not be able to tell any of you about it all. Besides, when it all does happen I can share some of the real fun with you. I can also relish the fact that I came out here suddenly, packed up my life completely, left behind a successful and steady entertainment career and managed to build up something even bigger out here in a relatively short amount of time. Assuming it all happens according to plan.

More when more is available for the general public.


Blogger Bud said...

I am extremely pumped about this!

4:25 PM

Blogger Becky said...

well...knowing you, it will all be fine and dandy in the end. isn't life all about new adventures and crazy chances?!?

6:41 AM


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