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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More from Bryce Canyon

Still working hard. Still nothing new to report. Still not much I can talk about.

Let's just say that things are a bit more settled at Big Horn, life is rather bizarre at Houdini's, and one day I hope to be able to talk about some of the entertainment stuff I'm working on.

Oh yeah, people who use the Yellow Pages are cheap & unrealistic. OK, maybe not all of them...just the ones who've called me recently. I'll give a Yellow Book update sometime soon.

I know that I have not been the prolific Andy of the past. I'm just too tired and far too unmotivated to share much of anything right now. Lots of work and little to show for it. This town is nearly impossible to get ahead in if you're an entertainer new to the area and that is far too depressing for me. Therefore I don't blog much. When I do blog, vague or not, you get something to read. Sending me e-mails asking for more details only makes me more upset so just be glad I'm posting something.

Until life is better, here are a few more snapshots of my birthday trip to Bryce Canyon National Park. I can't wait to return there and see more.

We've got many more of these on the ole hard drive and you'll be seeing many of them along the way.



Blogger Ken said...

"people who use the Yellow Pages are all cheap, unrealistic bastards."

Wow. Hope that made you feel better because it really makes me feel special. Guess I shouldn't bother to call you now.

6:27 AM

Blogger sue said...

At least you update occasionally so we know you are alive. :) That's a good thing.

Hang in there. Holding good thoughts for ya, Andy!

8:22 AM

Blogger Bud said...

So glad you got a raven at Bryce. That may be the first place I ever got that close to one. I think most towns are very cliquey to outside entertainers. Keep plugging away and it'll happen. You just have to believe it will, do what you always do and it will happen eventually.

6:10 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Absolutely right, Ken. That was designed to make me feel better.

The statement has been amended as I'm sure such strong language was not necessary.

That being said, when visiting a comedian's website or blog, one can expect harsh generalities that may upset a few. If you are among those offended, my apologies.

Since I can't say for certain if you ever would have called me I cannot feel sorry for the "loss" of work.

If you were to call me would you be expecting a 23+ year professional in the business to come to your kid's birthday party and work for about $50.00? If so, then you are certainly unrealistic, if not a bit cheap. There are plenty of folks who would do the gig for that money, but not folks with my skill set and certainly very few I'd want around my children.

Would you call me based upon the ad I published and then ask if I provide a moon bounce for your back yard AND freak out if the price was over $100?? If so, you are not only unrealistic but surely cheap.

Would you call me if you had been "planning" a birthday party for the love of your life (your child) for "months" and only two days out realize that you had no entertainment for the party? If so, why would you choose the largest and most impressive ad in the book and then balk when the very affordable price is quoted?

That's the kind of thing I've "enjoyed" since the ad hit the streets. I'm more than ready and eager to work. I go out of my way to accommodate the budgetary constraints of every client and I offer a show far superior to MANY of the folks working the small, private events in the world. That being said, people who gag at the aforementioned affordable price are, in my estimation, cheap and unrealistic. The "bastards" part...well that was me venting rather inappropriately. That happens here in Andy Land sometimes. My blog = My world.

There are many disclaimers throughout the thing telling folks not to expect corporate clean, happy Andy here. Sorry you wandered in randomly, missed out on all that, and then left.

11:08 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Seriously, someone called asking if I provided a moon bounce. That is not even in the ads I placed and yet...there's the question.


That person freaked out at my cheap pricing for entertainment. She CLEARLY wouldn't have been able to afford a moon bounce...two days before the event she'd been planning for months.

11:28 PM


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