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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Had a Gig Wednesday

If this were Chicago, I'd know I'd be getting called again soon from this company.

Since this is Las Vegas I have no idea if the "home run" I hit today at this corporate event will bring about any future work.

It was the second time I've worked for this company since being here in the Vegas Valley. The first time was the comedy club in Laughlin, which went extremely well and was full of high praise from audience members and casino workers alike. Taking all this into account, I have not been able to get re-booked there nor have I been able to get the guy at the agency to return a call, give a reason for not booking me again, etc. [SIGH!]

This gig was an excellent one for me. The audience loved me on stage and when strolling (no, really!) and the owner of the company that booked me was in attendance. All things considered I left happy to have waited so long for the event. Still and all, this being Vegas I have no idea how this will affect future bookings . I did two killer bookings awhile back for another company, they loved me and told me so, subsequent calls. [DOUBLE SIGH!]

Perhaps when I can tell you about some of my other prospects all this will change. Until then...back to work (at two day jobs, promoting myself, and rehearsing for another gig).



Blogger Bud said...

I share this same experience. Packed a club. had a great show. No rebooking. It's all about them going to their usual team. I know I'm just a replacement act in those places. We have to keep on pushing. That's what we do.

11:08 AM


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