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Friday, April 04, 2008

Spinning Plates, Spinning Tales, Spinning Wheel Keeps On Turning

More and more folks are taking notice of the commercial. As always, I'll keep my own politics and opinions regarding the content (other than my own performance) to myself. Maybe when this is all over I'll add my two cents. For now, I am enjoying the exposure and hope for more work. I sent some e-mails to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report last night. Maybe you should do the same (Click the links). Lots of comedy potential with this story.

Among the blogger friends of mine who have made mention of the commercial, specifically to too a horn on my behalf and not to spout too much "big tobacco sucks" rhetoric are...

Julie & Golfwidow.

In fact, Golfwidow made two posts in her blog about the advertisement, the more amazing of which was made on Thursday. Check it out and see for yourself.

MANY THANKS to those who've been doin' some big pimpin' on my behalf. It is appreciated.

Some time today, the commercial was uploaded to YouTube. I did not do this myself. I was planning on putting it on my main page when I had a better, clearer copy to share. Nonetheless, it is there for you to see in a somewhat larger form. As with all things online such as blogs and YouTube videos, I enjoy reading the comments.

I Also found out that the commercial was mentioned at some length on Air America Radio on April 2nd's Rachael Maddow Show. I like Rachael and I like Air America a lot. Most of you know I'm primarily one of those damned liberal types that wants to save the world by not blowing it up every time somebody threatens our dad. That being said, I'm all but certain the ad was not spoken of in a positive light. I mean, if RJR paid for it, it must be somehow evil, right? All I hope is that people trash the cause or the message and not the performer or the messenger (namely - ME!).

I'd play the segment for you and go out of my way to urge you to subscribe to Air America Radio, get their podcasts and programs, and do the right thing by them...but I can't get their website to accept my ordering information and allow my order for a two-week free trial, even though all the credit card info I have provided is 100% accurate. So if any of you are currently subscribers, or have better luck navigating their website, feel free to download the show and send me the clip where she talks about the commercial. I'd even settle for a transcript. Even though I'm certain she had nothing but bad things to say about the proposed bill, I'd like to hear what was said about the spot. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Since the ad has been uploaded to YouTube, more bloggers and websites have posted the spot and added their thoughts. Without any preference nor any consideration to their opinions on the subject matter, here are some links for you to check out.

Feel free to read, comment, and discuss as it is your Constitutional right to do so. If you agree with any of the bloggers...that's great! If you disagree...equally great! Just be civil and polite and not the average, under-informed trash-talker that is far too prevalent online. Moreover, please don't go to their houses and pee in their pools...unless they say that I suck. ;)

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Blogger Gordon said...

First, I've not chimed in publicly - I like the ad. I like watching plates spinning.

And, although RJR paid for it (and some of their other practices are icky), they do kinda sorta make the point about the FDA.

I'm all for federal regulation of tobacco (and that's an argument for another time), when the most recent news is about the unusual side effects/lack of effectiveness of prescription drugs...I kind of have to agree with the sentiments.

But hey, it's a great ad - I wonder if they could CGI the writing on the plates and make it an anti-Blagojevich ad here in Illinois.

(Me, political? Nah....)

5:32 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

I wrote to the Daily Show already ... hope it sticks.

6:11 AM

Anonymous Martin (The Lay Scientist) said...

Re: "The Lay Scientist chimes in with "Big Tobacco's Propoganda Enterprise...Still Kicking". Another good commentary, though he missed the boat by not saying "Still Spinning". Political spin...spinning plates...seems logical to me."

Ha ha, I did actually think of that, but I thought it would be too cheap :P I went with kick as a subtle allusion to the idea that a lot of people think the age of Big Tobacco propaganda is dead, but in fact it's still alive and kicking...

Cheers for the link :)

7:58 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Cathy and I are pissing ourselves with glee over your gold fortune.

5:17 AM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

This is so cool, Andy. I'll be back to get site info to sharpen my pencil ! Great news!

8:31 AM

Blogger Spook said...

I swear, the spin doesn't stop!

At least, unless they need it to when they're making a point. If the plates stayed up, it would kinda lose its effect...

As for the politics; whatever. It's a job, and some pretty wide-spread publicitiy. More power to you.

2:10 PM


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