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Friday, April 18, 2008

Forgot to Mention...

The 2008 Andy Martello Collector Cards are here!

OK, they've been here for awhile. I just forgot to tell you. Not even sure why I ordered these since it is apparent that I'm probably going to be permanently out of the business soon. Ah well...they're here.

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Blogger muthah said...

How about one for Muthah, who doesn't believe you're going to be permanently out of business any time soon. If nothing else, it will look good on my bulletin board.

3:30 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Yeah I want one and stop with the negativity regarding your career.

3:43 AM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

I want one too Andy. I also have the Craig Ferguson Letter 99% ready. It goes out today. I agree wholeheartedly with Bud. When you feel badly, consider seeing if you can spin some plates for a local hospital with Cancer patients. It will divert the negative emotions away and give you a new perspective so you can channel the energy into new directions. I know you are closer than ever in your career Andy to getting the exposure you need. But you have to hang in.

1:02 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I appreciate he thoughts, everyone. A lot going on behind the scenes here. Not trying to b negative...just finding myself in a bit of a pickle, or at least trying to prevent the pickle from happening (does that sound dirty?)

Micheal, send me your new address and I'll send out the card.

Bud and Muthah, cards went out today.

1:08 PM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Andy: The Craig Ferguson letter was sent! I was very persuasive! :D

11:51 PM

Blogger Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

What? And give up show business?

That is a very neat card Andy.


Glenn Bishop

7:51 AM

Blogger sue said...

I want one for my collection! (Please)... oh, and I can't imagine Andy Martello in any OTHER business.

Hang in there, Andy. We're all pullin' for you!

8:30 AM


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