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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Safe and Sound

The Grand Canyon, at least what little I've been able to see, is beautiful. Damn fine hole in the ground if I do say so myself. One of the days I'm here I plan on heading out early and riding one of the horses to the rim and taking a little tour. Works out well. They need to warm up their horses for the tourists and I need to see the canyon while I'm out here.

Not sure how eager I'll be to come back here once a month. The 14-mile stretch of treacherous, unpaved road leading up to the ranch is a bit too much to take. just thinking about leaving here on the 23rd (probably the 24th during the day so I won't have to drive it at night) makes my spine tighten. Thing is, after the unpaved, unlit road comes mile after mile of paved, unlit road littered with free-range cattle. Not the best driving circumstances.

It is very cold here and the traffic is somewhat slow. I'm entertaining those who are here and entertaining myself the rest of the time. If all goes well I may even check out the Skywalk.

Communications here are almost nonexistent and I'm a bit stranded. They have one satellite phone which apparently doesn't work all too well if it rains. By the way, it rained today.

The wireless internet they have here works pretty well, so long as the satellite is working. Did i mention the rain today?

All told I'm actually having a good time and I'm thankful to be working. This is not a glamour gig by any stretch, but it is a gig. That's all I really need.


Blogger Bud said...

A gig is a gig, Man. You never know who's watching. Besides, think of the material you're collecting.

3:29 PM

Blogger Jules said...

Good Luck Andy, I know you will make the best of it!

6:11 PM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

It's like the day I bought my amp. The salesman was a friend of mine and someone asked as he was rolling the equipment towards the door on a flatbed 4 wheeled cart, "What's going on?". Friend: "THIS GUY'S GONNA ROCK!!" Same for you, Andy!

6:52 PM


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