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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ice is Starting to Crack...I Hope

The folks at Houdini's got me a couple of school shows. Very cool of them to do so. The owner of the company came to one of them and videotaped it for his website. He even offered to help me get more entertainment work, which is always appreciated.

That same day I got a few other calls. looks like the gigs at the Grand Canyon are back on and I'll be out there as soon as December 18th. More on that later.

I have even had some luck with an event planner in this area. Believe it or not, this one returns phone calls and e-mails. Maybe she never got the memo that people don't do that sort of thing here. In any event, I MAY have a gig through her in January. Keeping fingers crossed.

I also have a potentially BIG gig in the works. I can't say anything about it as I don't want to jinx it nor get my hopes up. I've sent the requested press kit and video. I am naturally assuming that it won't happen since they've not confirmed receipt of the kit, which usually suck and we suck for even asking you in the first place. I am hopeful for a short time, nonetheless.

MILWAUKEE READERS! Watch me on PBS Channel 10 tonight at 7PM CST in "Samson: Then & Now"!

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Blogger Bud said...

Ice is breaking and snowball is rolling. You'll see.

1:32 PM

Blogger Krissteen said...

Hiya darlin'. Sorry I havent been around much but life has been NUTS!!! I just wanted to say Hi and that I havent forgotten about you!

I saw Wayne today and he mentioned that you two are still playing tag. He is definately into meeting you, even more after I put some more sugar on ya.. lol.. He is actually in CO this week, not sure when he will be back in NV but he hasnt forgotten about you!


1:21 PM


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