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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

T.G.I. "F".

Since this is a 24-7-365 kind of town everyone refers to their last day of work prior to a couple of days off (they insist on the two days off in a row thing around here for most every job) as "their Friday".

Tuesday represented my Friday. Of course this was the first "Friday" I have had in just about two weeks.

See, one of my co-workers had to leave town rather unexpectedly to attend a funeral. he opted to move his vacation up a bit to take time off to be with friends and family. I volunteered to take over shifts, make a little overtime, and all that.

In the process I ended up working 12 days straight. no "Friday" for me.

Now I am enjoying my job and I didn't really notice the long hours too much. That being said...

This all happened immediately after - well, actually during my run in Laughlin. My days off are generally Wednesday and Thursday. The week i was in Laughlin I would go to work during the day, drive 100 miles to Laughlin, make people laugh, and then drive back home 100 miles so I could work again the next morning. There were two days where I didn't go through all that (my regular days off) but I did it nonetheless.

When the time came for me to fill in some shifts I still had at least a couple of days left in Laughlin. So all that driving and all that work was still there. Then I missed my last "Friday", worked clean through to this new "Friday" and have not had much of a rest nor a minute to myself in nearly two weeks.

Now...I'm one tired puppy.

I still have to spend much of my first day off cleaning the house, getting bills paid, trying to get caught up on marketing, and preparing things here for our first Vegas Thanksgiving. if all goes well I'll get to finally meet Jerry Schafer along the way.

I probably won't get any rest until next Wednesday, which to me is next "Friday".


Blogger Bud said...

Happy Friday, then, Andy. Most of my lessons canceled today so It's kind of like a Friday for me too. Just one little Indian Boy to teach late this afternoon. You should hear Rocky Raccoon with a Hindi accent. Next stop, Louie Louie!

8:21 AM


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