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Sunday, November 04, 2007

A New podcast? OOH...Scary!

Click to listen to our "very special Halloween episode" of...

Click here to get your own player.


Some of the people we be pimpin' during this show...

Julie Do Ya Love Me

Blog This, Pal

Golfwidow's Mom

It's It

The guy who voiced Roger Rabbit

Sperm Shack (NSFW, duh)

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Blogger muthah said...

1. Old ladies like your Muthah think Hugh Laurie is super hot!

2. October 30 is mischief night (the Detroit firemen are very busy that night) and October 3l is trick-or-treat. The kids I say, "Okay, trick," to don't even know what I mean--but I think they're still trying to burn down Detroit on the 30th.

3. Don't tell Golfwidow, but Muthah smokes Swisher Sweet Little Cigars, which I get two for one so I get two cartons for $24. Cigars are not subject to federal tax.

Sii, I did listen to all of it!

1:34 PM

Blogger golfwidow said...

My mother thinks Hugh Laurie is superhawt too.

4:57 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. My new cousin Judy? Has met Joe Walsh.

4:59 AM


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