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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Video of a Building Being Destroyed? Why Not!

It is an inevitable part of Las Vegas life; watching your first implosion. This past Tuesday morning, April and I got to witness first-hand the demolition of the New Frontier Hotel & Casino.

This was the second oldest hotel on the Strip and was originally known as the Last Frontier back in 1947. I had no real sentimental attachment to the place, but I was certainly sad to see it go. I did have some good times there though.

For those who get all cranky wishing Vegas would respect the past and preserve these "historic" buildings, you must remember that the casino game is not in the business to LOSE money. Keeping an antiquated building with no architectural significance or impact simply because that's the building where both Siegfried & Roy, as well as Elvis first played in Vegas simply doesn't make good business sense.

When you look at all the hotels and casinos two or three times the size, doing that same volume, you realize that a place like the Frontier had to go eventually. Honestly, when all you have to offer as competition to the bigger places is mud-wrestling and a Gilley' is time to call it an era.

Moreover, and I ask this of everyone here who complains about the implosion of "iconic" properties, when was the last time you were in there patronizing the place? Most people can't even remember when they last set foot in the property and that is why it is gone today. If you don't want the Sahara, the Riviera, or any other places to go away then you have to walk in there and drop a few dimes.

We stayed up way late to watch the fun. Unfortunately we didn't get the view of the building that featured the fireworks countdown on the building face. That being said, I think the view we DID get was better than most of the footage I've seen. It is a bit dark, but it didn't look right when i tried to brighten it up on my computer. I may redo the thing at a later date, but for now I like it a lot.

I just love watching how the Frontier sign collapses into the ground from this angle. I hope you enjoy.

If not, listen to the first installment of Podcrapular Lite! These mini shows are done in order to fill the void whenever Golfwidow and I can't record a full program. Very cool idea by Producer Josh!

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Blogger muthah said...

Thanks for the implosion video. I have a secret hobby of watching implosions and was out all day yesterday, so missed any tv coverage.

4:33 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Very cool indeed.

6:01 AM


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