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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Washing Class Dog

OK, I wasn't ever really planning on uploading this video. It does feature a song I don't really have any permission to use and it is kind of rude. I'm fairly certain my friends and family will understand, if not fully appreciate the stupid humor behind this, my first time using video editing software.

Back in 2002 my younger brother was visiting for Christmas. he'd only recently started using video editing software himself as part of his teaching requirements at his new school. He had the free version of iMovie (or maybe it was some cheap version of Final Cut...I don't remember) on his laptop computer. I had some free time to kill. That dangerous combination provided the following waste of time called, "Washing Class Dog".

I was actually really enjoying how much fun editing the video was for me, even if it was (and still is) a very time-consuming task. This project could also be called, "Fun with iMovie Tutorials" because all of the footage was taken from the 30 seconds worth of material provided to use as a tutorial. CLEARLY, I shouldn't be allowed to have access to this kind of stuff.

The picture is kind of grainy because I didn't have a camera or anything cables to export the damned this to my computer at the time. Then it took a few years to get this back from my brother. After that I had only a shitty VCR and still no decent way of transferring the Mini DV footage to my hard drive. Ah well, a better picture wouldn't make this any less of a waste of time or any better of a movie.

That being said, it still makes me laugh and still makes April roll her eyes when I try to act proud, as if this was some great piece of art. It is filled with inside jokes and awful captions so how can it be all bad, right?

Besides, I have nothing important to post and whenever that happens, you get the benefit of my insanity.


Blogger Bud said...

I liked it a lot! Thanks, Andy. Gonna get to Podcrapular in the very near future. The week has hit a busy section. I know, I bug you about getting one done and then have to wait days to listen when you get it out. I am a pain in the ass.

3:56 AM

Blogger muthah said...

I loved the dog video!

5:25 AM

Blogger sue said...

Another Quality Production from Andy Land! LOL!

9:24 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

The credits are the best bit. Hi, April.

I kind of wish the dog would've eaten the kids with relish. (Although it doesn't matter too much, 'cos dogs operate on the principle that, if anything turns out not to be food, eat it anyway, 'cos you can always throw up on the rug later.)

5:00 AM


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