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Monday, October 15, 2007

So Far...

After three days working at the Houdini's location at the Venetian I am pretty happy with the move. It is a higher volume store and considerably busier all around. That works out well for me because when I'm busy selling, restocking, or whatever the time goes by faster and I have a bit more fun. It is also nice because the sales bonuses are more of a possibility as opposed to the MGM location, where they were more of a theoretical concept.

I do miss the folks I worked with at the MGM, but I have all their numbers and will surely see them again. The folks I've been working with now have all been very friendly and extremely
welcoming to me and that is a very pleasant happening indeed. Some of the things people warned me about haven't quite happened (yet) and some of the situations to watch out for may or may not have been exaggerated. I reserve full judgment on the people and the place until I have further info. Plus, I'll get a better feel for how much "fun" I am really having when the next gig pops up and I can see how the scheduling and other factors work out. More on that next gig soon.

I did have a lot of fun on Sunday. I was fortunate enough to meet and speak to long-time favorite comedian, Wayne Cotter. I'd actually met him many years back on my first real trip to Las Vegas when I saw him headline at the Riviera. I only got to speak with him briefly after the show then. Today brought about a nice chance encounter and a pleasant conversation. I'm hopeful we get to meet again somewhere down the road.

The money woes are far from over and the proverbial shit may hit the fan some time soon. At least for now I feel a bit more relaxed about the whole situation.


Blogger Bud said...

All that sounds very positive. Glad to hear it. Looking forward to the next podcrapular.

7:36 AM

Blogger sue said...

Positive vibes ... Is good to hear. Keeping fingers crossed (still).

12:16 PM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Andy:I feel that only good stuff is down the road for you.You are ideally situated in that city and it sounds to me like you are already building a networking base. Don Rickles plays The Golden Nugget a lot. I stayed at Hooters on Tropicana. Say hi to Angie the waitress for me! I'd say give her a kiss for me but April may put a hit out for me!:) Keep going!!!

9:56 AM


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