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Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Crappy Video? Why Not!

Since you liked my awful dog-washing video so much I thought I'd share my first Windows Movie Maker project as well. This one is replete with songs I've got no permission to use and far too many captions and effects. is just another typical Andy Martello production.

The footage was taken from a cable show I was on called, "The Matt Kissane Show" and I was basically testing out lots of the doohickeys in the program to see if it would be suitable for future use to make promotional videos (like my first plate-spinning promo).

The Louie Louie fans out there will recognize the tune-age. The Rick Springfield fans will wonder where I got that photo (I took it at a show). The Andy Martello fans will wonder why two of my "comedy" videos feature Rick Springfield references (or maybe they'll just think I'm gay).

No matter what you think, here's
"Too Much Time"


Blogger Bud said...

A dazzling display of title goodness.

3:03 AM

Blogger sue said...

You crack me up!

9:38 AM

Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Glad you are feeling productive and busy again!

5:39 AM

Anonymous Kel said...

Hi Andy!

I can view your website at work but not your grand videos. DHL asks me "DO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO VIEW THIS?" and I click "YES". They say "PROVE IT BITCH. ENTER LOGON and PASSWORD". I type in something I think might work and they say, "HAHAHAH.LIAR." and I can't get in. But I get to read your witty blog so that's going to have to be enough for me for now. If it makes you feel any better...I don't have any stories either lately. I went to Marche Noir the other was lonely without April. I miss you guys!!!

11:13 AM

Blogger Siim said...

hehe, glad to hear you're doing great. And if you have too much free time, you know what to do! :D

Just checked - some of your articles in The Cheers are still receiving comments and there was one you might be interested in.

"I recently had the privelage of meeting Ervin (not Irvin by the way) he wanted help looking for old circus friends on the internet. When I came across your article he was tickled and said yes I remember Andy well. I printed up a copy of the story and gave it to him. Hes alive and well here in INDY." in this article.


3:54 AM


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