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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I go in for a meeting with a prestigious meeting & event planning company. I am hopeful that this is a meeting to not only discuss how I can be utilized as a member of their talent roster, but also an interview for a position within their office. We'll see.

It would be ideal for me to find a job within the organization of such a company. That's what was doing back in Chicago for the last 7 years or so and it was most excellent. All my money I made came from some aspect of the entertainment business and I rarely had any conflicts from my day job when I had to take off for a gig. Plus, when you're the guy answering the phone at an agency you tend to pick up a lot more bookings. So you can see how much I would love to make this happen.

Until then I have been placed on the roster of a new entertainment company, Premiere Event Entertainment, and was contacted by them almost immediately after hitting the Vegas area. The good news is that they helped in getting me one of my first local bookings. The bad news is that they've edited my promo for their site somewhat, making it a bit less clear what I do and how well I do it all. Not a big deal. It is not the first time someone has edited my work to fit their idea of what sells.

I am also going to be listed in the tariff book of a very well known and extremely high profile destination management company, USA Hosts. This is a big deal because this catalog goes out to all potential and past (hopefully REPEAT) clients and is being offered as one of the new, exciting show selections. Specifically they plan on pushing the plate-spinning act, which is just fine & dandy with me (lots of big bucks for that as a corporate training tool and so on), but I will also be considered for their many other events. Aside from that, I am certain that once the book hits, many of the local competing businesses will take notice and perhaps take a good look at my promo again. If one group is pushing me then they all fee as though they're missing out and then more folks will want to book old Andy.

I met with someone from Sandou Productions recently and they were very helpful and friendly. At the very least they are open and honest about the press materials they receive and they actually look at everything, file it appropriately, and tell you if you are someone they can use down the road. Refreshing and all too rare qualities among the companies in this business. We'll see if it pays off.

As I am writing this I am waiting for the contracts to hit the desk for a couple of gigs. I'll hold off on telling you about them since I don't have the contracts yet and they are kind of cool gigs. Here's hoping there are more to come.


Blogger Jules said...

My fingers are crossed for ya Andy!!

11:30 PM

Blogger Bud said...

This is feeling very good, Andy.

4:34 AM

Blogger muthah said...

All you need is somebody to see you. I have seen juggling acts on UTube, etc., and they can't compare to what you do.

Luck coming your way,

5:20 AM

Blogger sue said...

You look so distinguished in that photo!

keeping everything crossed for ya! Let us know how it goes~~~

10:07 AM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Bud and I are on the same page Andy. You've paid your dues and I am glad you are situated geographically where you are. Your time is coming!!!!

1:22 PM

Anonymous joe said...

I really have NO excuse not to know what's going on in Andyland - a podcast, an extensive blog. For a stalker you make things far too easy. Maybe if you were a little more elusive I'd pay more attention to you!

Ok, ok. I'll check this more often (lucky you!)


8:26 PM


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