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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Bass Master

No this isn't a post about fishing.

In the interest of trying not to be so dour and pissy about things here as I have been of late, I thought I'd share a couple of photos that make me smile.

These are two snapshots of a much younger, and certainly more alive version of my dad (click them to enlarge). He's pretending to play bass, something he did with a band back in the day (that day being somewhere in the 1960's). They needed his voice more than anything and so he got to fake playing a bass, make the band look cool, and sing well. Somewhere there are great photos of the whole band looking mighty sharp. Maybe I'll get to post them some day. I believe the band was called The Town Criers. I would KILL to have that jacket.

Lifelong family friend and fellow band mate,
Bruce Goldflies (the real musician), had this in his files. His son (also my web designer), David (another real musician) sent them to me.

I don't have any great stories to share, but I think the photos say a lot. Moreover, they make me smile and feel good. Given that I have been not feeling all that good about anything lately I'm sure you can appreciate them as much as I do.


Blogger muthah said...

I think Matt has the picture of the Town Criers. He took a lot of the pictures of your dad for the funeral poster board, and then kept them all, especially the ones of your dad's career. I'm sure the Town Criers is in there somewhere. Ask him.


3:45 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Yeah, this is great stuff. Especially the one of him playing th BACK of the bass. I found some old Dad pics lately too but they just make me sad.

3:47 AM

Anonymous sue said...

I can see the family resemblence. How cool to have photos like this...

9:33 AM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Andy: Great photos and very heartfelt for me to stop by to see.

12:32 PM


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