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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harsh Reality

I have to be honest. Everyone I know is INFINITELY more optimistic than I am regarding my future in entertainment. Even though I have a few leads and some potential for work, I've already come to the conclusion that my "career" as a professional entertainer will come to a conclusion this Saturday. Yeah, I have at least one more gig as Blues Brother in the middle of August and possibly a few other little things here or here, but I have no legitimate reason to believe I'll ever make a living as a performer again.

I'm doing all the work and maintaining my regiment of marketing and all that. That being said, I have to keep in mind that it took me 22 years to grow and develop a good enough reputation in the business here. I suppose it didn't REALLY take me that long to be in good graces and making a good living, but let's face it - I don't REALLY have that kind of time to get my name out there and get known in Vegas, L.A., even fucking Phoenix for that matter.

All this town has are entertainers and they're seemingly all comedians who happen to juggle. Game over.

I sincerely hope I am wrong and I do look forward to seeing some sort of positive results to my efforts. I was recently added to the website of one Vegas area agency. This guy gas even submitted me to a Laughlin casino comedy club. That's something, right?

I am hoping to learn and develop more acts and routines as well. But I simply have to keep it in the foreground of my mind that making this move to Vegas generally implied an end to my life as an entertainer. I knew this going into it and I accepted it. I don't have to like it and I can certainly go out of my way to change it, but I have to be realistic here.

The problem is I have even more doubts about finding work otherwise. I can get a job, but I have no degree and have been self-employed for a long time. Translation: I have nothing to offer the workplace by being a 37 year old man with no degree. I have loads of experience in a variety of fields, but the jobs I could land IF someone takes the time to read my resume and interview me will go to someone younger with a degree. Also going to those guys will be a much bigger paycheck than I can get on my own.

In short, I am kind of, if not completely screwed.

Ah well, at least here in the desert I won't see much snow during the winter of my discontent.


Blogger golfwidow said...

That's what the rest of us, stuck in day jobs already, try to break free from, and we hate to see you coming back into the fold with us.

I am miserable on your behalf.

4:22 AM

Blogger muthah said...

I feel pretty confident about your getting jobs in Vegas. It may take awhile, but you have the "stuff" to make it. Lean on any friends you have there who could help you get work--or even hire you.


5:16 AM

Anonymous sue said...

Aw, hun... you sound so down. Wish I had a crystal ball that could give you good news, but I'm still mortal...

8:28 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

We all go through it, those of us in the biz. It WILL get better! Just keep laying groundwork as it will get busy end of the month or early September. Everyone is just on vacation right now...

And wouldn't it be bad if none of us had faith in you??? We all do cause we know you are talented. Nuff said.

12:12 PM


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