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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. This marks the first time we've been in Vegas on August 17th since the day we got married here. The ultimate return to the scene of the crime.

Somehow April has the weekend off so we're going to run around and play.

Consequently, I will be unavailable for blogging. So please continue to enjoy the many fine blogs on my blogroll.


Blogger Michael Manning said...

Andy: Just remember, no Margarita's before you climb aboard the roller coaster at "New York, New York". Hope you can catch Rita Rudner. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

11:10 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Happy anniversary to you and April, Andy!

11:55 AM

Blogger broomhilda said...

I wish for you, a very HAPPY Anniversary.

11:18 PM

Anonymous sue said...

I'm late! Happy Anniversary you two! How fun to be able to visit the "scene of the crime"... :)

9:14 AM


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