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Monday, July 02, 2007


According to my wife's resume, and from observing all the years we have lived together, she has...

  • A STELLAR employment history
  • 11 (that's ELEVEN) years in management
  • As many, if not MORE years in retail
  • The last four years in retail working with watches, jewelry, and other accessories, among those...FOSSIL watches and accessories

So, knowing all that, let's add in an interview she participated in with a Fossil store manager and a district manager wanting to fill no fewer than THREE positions in the Vegas area. At this interview (which went very well by anyone's standards) she was told by the DM that she (Lovely Wife) would DEFINITELY be receiving a phone call by a certain day to either fill out paperwork or, more likely, have a second interview. They did have other, lesser-qualified applicant and interviews to do after all. My wife was told not to take anything until she heard back by that specific day.

The day of the big phone call came and went without a call from the DM. Due diligence required some follow-up phone calls from my wife on the big day and again the following week. A few weeks passed by and...NOTHING.

Yesterday, she receives an e-mail (more like a form letter) stating that she (my over-qualified wife) would not be being offered a job because she was clearly NOT qualified to be an ASSISTANT MANAGER at their stores. The e-mail even went on to state the reason for her NOT being offered a job was because she wasn't qualified for the job.

I said it in the title of this post and I'll say it again.



Blogger Gordon said...

First, I know the feeling - I had three, count 'em, three interviews where I basically kicked ass...and haven't heard from them since.

I think it might be a polite way of saying that your wife is "overqualified" by saying that she "isn't" qualified.

Either that, or the manager didn't think she was attractive enough.

But I understand "WTF" all too well...

9:10 PM

Blogger muthah said...

I interviewed with an insurance co. in Park Ridge, was told I was over-qualified (which I was) and got a phone call the next day to come in to interview with Mr. Akouris--the s.o.b. collection agent. What happened was, the gal who interviewed me at the ins. co was Greek, so was he, so she called him and told him I was exactly who he was looking for, bypassing the employment agency. I took the job because I needed the job, but it was the worst job I ever had. When I quit, he was giving me bad rec's, and the agency couldn't catch him at it. Everybody, it seems, has ulterior motives.

Sorry about the ethnic reference, but it is very pertinent to the facts.


3:03 AM

Blogger muthah said...

Your wife is beautiful and talented, and well qualified for the job. Maybe she didn't offer the right "cookies" to get the job. Bad muthah for saying that, but that's sometimes the way things work. Is her old boss maybe giving her bad recommendations?

3:07 AM

Blogger Bud said...

This is a truly sucky bit of news. I still have to believe you two belong there and that it will turn your way.

4:35 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

Another thing that might have hurt her is if she is more qualified for a higher-up job than the person currently holding it. If everything you say is unbiased and true (seems to be from this angle) she's not overqualified or unqualified, she's a threat.

9:01 AM

Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Over qualified means they think she will work there and then leave shortly after being employed, and they did not want to pay her a lot.

The form letter means they are not a class act and your wife is probably lucky they did not hire her.

3:01 PM

Blogger muthah said...

Maybe she shouldn't let them know how smart and capable she is, take an entry level job where she will soon be promoted. Jealousy is a big factor, especially when you're obviously smarter than the boss. Has she tried temp work? I was offered job wherever I worked.


3:23 PM


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