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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let the Plants DIE!

This damned sprinkler system will be the death of me.

I am a very intelligent man. I can read and follow instructions well. I am not without resources and abilities.

That being said, this sprinkler system at our home, something that is supposed to only be on once a week, for a relatively short period of time, absolutely makes no sense to be.

When it is supposed to be on, there's no water to be seen. When I follow the instructions on the thing, water comes out but doesn't shut off when programmed. Add to the mix that one of the hoses has decided to spring a leak and I am stuck with a sprinkler that I can't quite fix and certainly can't use.

Were it not for the fact that A) this isn't technically my house, and B) there's a rather large pine tree in the front yard that would certainly fall onto our home with one good gust of desert wind if left un-watered I'd let all these damned plants die. They add nothing to the house and they use up a lot of the water.

[SIGH!] I'll figure it all out. I just wish that the damned thing would simply do the 5 minutes or so worth of watering on its own as promised. I suppose I'll just water all the things myself and look all domestic.


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Anonymous sue said...

Well, you know... that's the way us "midwesterners" do it... (I had to say that since you've abandoned us... LOL)

8:39 AM


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