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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hell, I Liked It

In my ever-growing quest to bring you insights and general crapola regarding my performing life and the work that goes into getting more work, I share with you the 6-minute promo video for the now defunct comedy/variety group, The Vegas Brothers.

This video was meant to be the first promotional video to get us started. Something to show potential buyers and agents in order to get us even more work and better footage for future videos and so on. It actually did some good work getting some doors opened for us and all that. This, accompanied by a press kit and full performance DVD I worked on, made for a very good promotional package. It made us look good.

The Brothers are no more. Long story. Filled with details I still don't quite understand and others too painful to discuss here. In fact, I'm pretty certain that just uploading this to YouTube and mentioning it here will spark some insane crap I don't really need. Let's just say that the Brothers died in some sort of freak trailer park incident and hope they emerge like soap opera villains some day down the road.

Until then, check out the promotional video. I think that it turned out very well and managed to convey all the things that our show offered. Considering we had limited footage to work with and relatively few shows as a group, I was very pleased to hear from so many agents and bookers when they told me the press kit & video I sent them was as good as those they'd seen from acts with years of stage time together. Made me happy. I just wish we'd have gotten at least one of those bigger shows we were hoping for. That would have shut up some of the detractors a bit. Ah well. That's show biz.


Anonymous sue said...

I love the tag on "Nicky".... "The madman"... LOL!! Of COURSE he's my favorite. ;)

6:31 AM

Blogger Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

I liked it to.

Just stopped by to say hi. Hope your doing well.

Glenn Bishop

10:04 AM

Blogger Bad Bad Girl said...

I love the music you use for your promos!!!

10:14 AM


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