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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So Close and So Far Away

We MAY have things settled with the bank card and the movers, but honestly, I won't know a damn thing until it is all done, possibly later today.

The good news is that we did actually get our mail key and even received some mail. The bad news is that the card from the bank wasn't among the items we received.

Here's the big fun - our mail, which was supposed o be on hold, was being delivered to the mailbox. You know...the mailbox we didn't have a key for and couldn't get without lots of headache from the Post Office...that mailbox. When we got the envelope that held the mailbox key inside (the envelope that was delivered yesterday even though the mail was on hold) we tried it out to make sure it was indeed the correct key for the job and we were happy to learn that it worked. Indeed it did. The box opened to reveal...a spare mailbox key sitting inside the mailbox.


We couldn't get into the mailbox without a key...

We couldn't get another key without some grief involved...

We put our mail on hold at the post office so we could get the key delivered to us without being placed into the mailbox we couldn't open without the key...

We ended up having our mail delivered to the mailbox anyway, including the pack with our key, rendering useless all the precautions...

We finally got our mail by stalking the mailman only to find...

A second mailbox key, also inside the mailbox we previously couldn't open.


I don't even want to get into all the mess with the bank card and the movers. I just want April to be able to get all this taken care of without incident because I am now back in Illinois and cannot offer much help.

I feel so damned awful. I know I have to be here to work and make money while April is getting her job situation settled (Hopeful for some good news to report soon...don't want to jinx anything!). That doesn't change the fact that I want to be there with her, starting the new life together and all that. It just seems strange to go out there and then return, putting off my half of the new life for a month or two.

I should be there to take care of these issues and to yell at the appropriate people (and do all the worrying). I have left April behind before for work. This time just makes me feel much more guilty, sad, whatever.

Still...nice to be back in Illinois where I can get a Superdawg and some White Castles. At least I got that going for me.

Continued mojo for April.


Blogger Bud said...

A very close friend and student of mine who has written five books on Hindu Astrology swears by one concept over all over concepts. That is this idea of a regularly occurring Mercury Retrograde. Something that hot little planet does a couple of times a year. When it happens, mechanical things and decision making are likely to go wrong. People who run mechanical things and make decisions also get careless. He would tell you that you are just experiencing typical Mercury Retrograde events. No actual bad mojo involved. Just the fucking planets. Or something. To me it's just an obscure way of saying everything runs in cycles. So I'm sure it's gonna change back for you and April. It's both normal and pointless to feel guilty. You didn't cause it. So trust that it'll work out, just as it all worked out to get you there to begin with. Enjoy the time. It's loaded with comic material. Take notes.

3:50 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Here's the good news. When things suck for a while, you're due for some really good stuff. The universe works that way!

Good mojo to you both.

5:21 AM

Blogger wyn said...

April is a very strong woman. She'll do just fine. Don't feel guilty--none of this is your fault. A year from now you'll look back on this and laugh--maybe even sell a funny story about it.

I got a call from a lady yesterday about another matter who lives in Henderson. I stayed at the casino in Henderson on my last trip to Vegas. Small world

Meanwhile, you're doing what you do best--entertaining and making moola.


5:24 AM


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