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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Online For Now

We arrived safely in the greater Las Vegas area about 4 days after we left the greater Chicago area. Along the way we were nearly killed about 4 times. We nearly went off the road avoiding some huge jack rabbits. We almost smashed into a pick-up truck thanks to the most awful and stupid traffic circles ("roundabouts" to some) which happened to be at the exit and entrance of the interstate in Colorado. We also narrowly avoided being knocked off the face of the Earth by a runaway pick-up truck and travel trailer. Lots of fun on the road.

We did end up taking a little detour to see the unbridled glory that is...Prairie Dog Town!

When we get the photos and video all together I'm quite sure that I will share with the crowd for now.

In all the house is wonderful. Maybe one of these days we'll get all our stuff. We're waiting on the little boost from our bank in the form of a credit card to arrive in the mail so we can actually pay the moving company to bring back our stuff. Once that happens, this lovely and spacious home, which is all clean and pretty, can be dirtied up a plenty.

My birthday was loads of fun. I've never been the one in this family who was fortunate enough to have a birthday in Vegas. Sadly, with all the moving stuff going on I had really forgotten to make any plans or even acknowledge that I was having a birthday.

Today we received our cable box and cable modem so I can make a few scant appearances online. I'm leaving on the 6th and will be stuck with limited access again for a spell, but for now...some blogging goodness.

Many thanks to everyone who sent some disaster/moving cash, well-wishes, and birthday greetings. You're all the best!

I forgot to mention, Part Two of my podcast return has been up and running for awhile. Perhaps there will be a new episode sooner than you think. Until then...get caught up!

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Anonymous sue said...

Lots of hugs and well wishes. Glad you made it safe and sound (almost) and soon will have some normalcy... oh, who am I kidding? Is there EVER any normalcy?

Keep in touch when you can~~

7:13 AM

Blogger Bud said...

I didn't forget your B-day. I just figured you'd never see it if I sent a message. So happy Birthday, Andy. Glad you arrived safely through the gauntlet that is the Interstate Roadway system. I look forward to hearing you on Podcrapular again.

7:30 AM

Blogger Purring said...

Oooo you moved. I'm going to have to read back a bit I guess. Hope you're well Luv. I still can't juggle my balls. I am juggley challenged. *sigh*

9:00 AM

Blogger Christine said...

Heh, sorry about the interstate here in Colorado but we suck!

Glad you made it there in one piece.

BTW, I am back up and running, kinda.. LOL... I am the artist formerly listed as "So This Is Life".


10:21 AM

Blogger Jules said...

Hope you had a great birthday!! I didn't forget- I swear!! I even had the thought that if I had money to send, I would have sent it. :)

Glad you made it safe to Vegas, and at $100 bucks a week, I may just stay a month!!

9:56 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Happy belated Andy! So glad you are there and safe. And that you had a fun ride!

Looking forward to hearing about your next chapter...

5:20 AM


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