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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gordon Who?

I just finished listening to a podcast from Gordon of "Blog This, Pal!" fame where he was reviewing some of the newest episodes of Doctor Who.

I shouldn't have listened because I don't download the episodes nor try to get them ahead of the U.S. and I don't want anything to be spoiled. That being said, it is very cool to get an intelligent take on the upcoming stuff from my favorite sci-fi program. His podcast features a lot of interesting content ranging from music to pop culture and then some. Well worth a listen when there's no Podcrapular to enjoy.

Listening to Gordon's show reminded me of a video I found on YouTube recently featuring two "icons" of geek TV, Jon Pertwee and the Son of Svengoolie.

Pertwee played the third Doctor in the Doctor Who series and was the first Doctor I really watched. The Son of Svengoolie is a Chicago area TV legend of sorts. A classic "show really bad horror and sci-fi movies" kind of show that is wonderfully childish and funny in all sorts of great ways. I went as Svengoolie to my 8th grade Halloween party. Maybe my mother has a photo of that she can send my way.

In any event I got to surfing on YouTube to see if anyone had posted a clip of Pertwee and Svengoolie meeting on air. This happened once in Chicago on the Svengoolie program during an episode that ran at the same time as the Tardis 21 convention. Pertwee was a guest and was kind enough to drop by for an interview.

The show was live so there was a great moment where a piece of the set nearly crushes Jon Pertwee and the interview was big fun for geeks everywhere. More important to me now is that in the sequence you can see the poster for the convention. If you've read my blog for a long time you may recognize that poster as THE poster I received from my wife as a Christmas present a few years back. If you don't recognize it then you should CLICK HERE to get caught up.

So enjoy the geek/fan boy/jizz fest that is...Jon Pertwee on Svengoolie!


Blogger Gordon said...


If you were a woman, I would so do you.

Thanks for the clip!


6:44 PM

Blogger wyn said...

Sorry, Muthah doesn't remember whether I have a pic of Svengoolie or not. I have five boxes of pictures in the basement to sort out one of these days. Had a visit from Marty yesterday and he filled me in on the details of Vegas--April has her furniture. All I remember about Halloween is the year I dressed as a witch and one of you were my broom and one was my hat. We didn't win the contest, alas, but I thought we should have.
Tomorrow is an ultrasound to find out if the gall bladder gets yanked or not.

3:47 AM

Blogger Jules said...

I'm afraid to click on anything that is connected with the term "jizz fest".

8:42 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Gordon, if you were a woman...I'd let ya. LOL

BTW, did you like the video clip or the cool autpgraphed poster of mine more?

Mom, when the gall bladder gets yanked, see about keeping it and turning it into some sort of jewelry. Very hip and gross all at the same time. While you're recovering...sort through photos!

Jules...I know way better than that! I "jizz fest" is in there, you are all over it somehow. ;)

3:59 PM

Blogger sue said...

I'm hooked on Dr. Who now... damnit. All I need is another show to be hooked on.

Oh, and you and Jules stop with the all that "jizz"... :P

9:42 AM

Blogger Jules said...

Do you have to call it "jizz"? It makes it seem...foamy.

7:07 AM

Anonymous sue said...


8:58 AM

Blogger Gordon said...


I'd have to say that I prefer the video clip...and prefer the term "man chowder".

8:47 AM


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