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Monday, June 18, 2007

Gig Frustration, Potential Gig Frustration

I'm a bit angry. I was planning on heading home June 24th and staying through the 2nd or 3rd. Up until the other day I thought there wasn't another gig until the 4th of July. I did have a hold for the first which I was all but certain was a dead gig.

Sadly, or maybe not so much since I am getting paid, that gig had come in and I just hadn't been sent a contract. So the cheap airfare I was going to secure was still available, but it would have me coming in the day of the gig a few hours prior. I can't take the chance of fucking up a show so I can't take that flight. To do an earlier arrival brought the cost of airfare up to around 400-500 dollars. So...I can't go home now until about July 12th!

This doesn't make things any easier for me, marriage/happiness-wise. It certainly won't make April any happier. She is still looking for a job, which is frustrating. She doesn't know anybody there, which makes her lonely. She won't do anything to get out and meet people nor network, which makes me crazy.

Next, I am still getting calls for work here in the Midwest. That's all well and good. However, I am still amazed when someone, in 2007, has no concept as to how to leave a message.

Really now, we've had voice mail and answering machines for about 40 years or more, right? You would think that the basics to leaving a message would be ingrained into everyone's head by now. Nothing too difficult to leave in the message...the fucking phone number would be nice!

Yep, I had someone leave an all too long message on my voice mail, wanting more info about the show and she didn't leave a call back number. I got her work schedule, an idea of when the show would be, and even her name and organization in this message. However, the phone number where she can be reached...nothing!

I can't take this crap anymore! I think when I get to Vegas permanently I'm going to get a real towner type job. Get myself something with benefits and regular hours. Ease my pain.

Between being booked to gigs without my knowledge and stupid people not giving me any info to go on I just can't imagine a better life than to be in a quiet, normal job.


Blogger Bud said...

Transition period are the worst. It's gonna happen for you and April in Vegas. It's too early.But it's meant to be. Ride out July and you'll get your shit together.

3:59 AM

Blogger wyn said...

And I can't imagine you doing anything but entertaining. I think you were born to do that.

I feel sorry for April--it's hard to extend yourself and meet people in a new place--I know, I've been through it. The worst part is meeting people and then finding out you don't like them anyway.

Hang in there--it will all work out.


4:02 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Unfortunately that's the way it always happens, the minute you are about to settle in a new place work comes nonstop. Where were they before you moved, right?

It will get better. Cause it has to, right?

Hugs from Miss Pollyanna.

5:05 AM

Blogger Gordon said...

You know, it's times like this that I enter counselor mode and give bad I'll change it to good advice:

drink heavily.

Actually, believe me, things are tough - luckily, though, I'm starting to get some job mojo. Just got called for another interview, I'm on the short list for a second interview with another agency, and things are cool.

I'll pack up some extra mojo and e-mail it to you. (By the way, I think I may have a contact in Las Vegas - it's only a name, and I haven't talked to him in *years*, but drop me a line and I'll send it.)

5:40 AM

Anonymous sue said...

I'm just curious... are you getting more job offers NOW that you've moved than you did before?

I feel for ya, hun... and April has got to be miserable. Hopefully it will all work out soon and you guys can be together HAPPILY. :)

9:39 AM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

sorry to hear things aren't going so well right now....people are so inconsiderate!

9:59 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Bud - I know...doesn't make it any easier.

Mom - You'd be able to see me in anothe job if you saw my bills and my lack of health insurance.

LisaB - I'm not exactly working non-stop, but I am working. I'd just appreciate a little more consideration with regard to gettin me the info when I need it.

Gordon - Send me that name! In fact, since I'm stuck here in Chicago for longer than expected, we should get together soon.

Sue - No more work. Most of the agents here are idiots who haven't even read my notices telling them where I am & when I'm available for bookings. Seriously, I have one such agent who just NOW found out that my address (from 9 years ago) wasn't my current address. Why? She didn't fucking read any of the notices I sent out!

Dawn - Damn right!

10:22 AM

Blogger wyn said...

This from the kid who used to juggle cat parts in high school biology? I think I still have the newspaper picture of it, if I haven't given it to you by now.


2:20 PM

Anonymous sue said...

How frustrating!

I can understand. Sometimes my husband says he wishes he just drove a truck and left all the headaches to someone else. Insurance for the self-employed is over the moon! The only plus I can see for ya, hun, is you don't have to deal with employees. Oh, wait... maybe your agent could be considered an employee, huh? Argh. Guess you're in the same boat. {{{hugs}}}

Hey, MOM... we want to SEE those pictures! LOL!

btw: Did you ever try out for "America's Got Talent"? Just curious...

7:43 AM

Blogger Gordon said...

Check your e-mail box. The name is in there.

And keep pluggin', dude. I mean, come on, do you want to end up like Stanley?

Didn't think so.

8:26 AM


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