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Monday, April 23, 2007

We Need Money, We Need Space

UGH! Looks like this move is going to cost around $2500 IF WE USE ONE OF THOSE, WE PACK IT - THEY DRIVE kinds of places. I'm sure that it would be more to hire a full service moving company. Maybe a tad less if we use U-Haul.

Unfortunately, the relief funds that are being issued to folks who went through this have to come in the form of gift cards for stores and such. We're the only ones relocating so far away so there's no real relocation help to ask for. We will have some gift cards to help with furniture and food and the like, but I'd love to hear that there were some options from moving companies at our disposal.

The problem with U-Haul is that I'll NEVER get April to even attempt to drive the truck, much less have her drive it with her car in tow. If our going or not going revolved around her driving the truck...she'd stay here and be miserable for the rest of her days.

The reason for wanting to use some other company is so we could take her car and drive alternately all the way to Vegas. Now, unless we can come up with enough moving funds (not sure if that's going to happen yet), I'll be stuck with all of the driving and she can sleep the whole way, even though she'll insist she's keeping me sleeping.

I repeat...UGH!

OK, she'd be awake for most of the trip, but I'll be stuck with the driving. SUCKS, especially since I'll have to make that exact same drive about 6 weeks later. Ah well.

We're going to do a comparison between the moving companies and U-Haul and if it is that drastic a difference we'll go for it. If it is negligible we'll pay the extra for the pack & shipsters.

One thing I'm looking forward to is the house itself. I haven't lived in a house since I lived with my parents so the extra space will be quite a wonderful change. Essentially we'll be going from a little more than 710 square feet to about 1634 square feet. There'll be 3 bedrooms, a den, two full bathrooms, a two-car garage, a back yard of sorts - I'll never have to actually see my wife again if I so choose. Lord knows she's already planned on hiding from me every time I want to see her. LOL.

Currently, we're living in borrowed space at my sister-in-law's place and sleeping on a couch. So yes, the thought of a house, even if it had only one room, is appealing right about now. Everything is working out well here, but I miss having my own space and I know that we're inconveniencing things around here somewhat.

Ah well, that's it for now. We're probably going to our back to get a loan to cover moving costs and living expenses while we get on our feet. We're looking forward to not sleeping on a couch. We hope that all this works out well.

You're caught up. Stories of our trip and other goodies shortly.

Speaking of goodies, Golfwidow and Josh have yet another excellent episode of Podcrapular for you to enjoy. Feel free to listen and enjoy my phone messages I left for them.


Anonymous sue said...

I really feel for ya, hun.

7:41 AM

Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

You will be OK. U hauls suck because they tend to break down.

I am rooting for you!

Many moving sotires please! ;-)

8:09 PM

Blogger Gordon said...


First, I feel a podcast coming on with all sorts of unsolicited advice for you.

But anyway, one thing to consider - your move, since it's for job purposes, can be deducted from your taxes next year. No, it doesn't help you now, but something to consider.

Also, consider Ryder as a trucking company - it may be a little more than U-Haul, but it's not as scummy.

8:19 PM


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