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Sunday, April 22, 2007


We hadn't been to Las Vegas in a full year. I was amazed at how much had changed. When we were taking two trips a year we saw the subtle differences in the town. Waiting a full year showed us that Las Vegas was almost a completely different town altogether.

Maybe it was because this time around we were looking at the place as our new home. With all the crap that had been going on we'd no real idea if we were even going to take the trip much less take a serious look at it as a reality with regard to our living arrangements.

Last time we were there we enjoyed visiting the Stardust as much as we always had. This time it was a pile of rubble an lots of memories stuck in our heads.

Last time we could enjoy The Roulette Wheel, a sampler wheel of the many fine beers made right there at the Monte Carlo Brew Pub. This time we were stuck with all the standards in bottles, after learning that the MGM owners of the place had decided to get rid of the brewery after 11 years.

Last time we could gamble at the Barbary Coast. This time the building was the same but the name was now Bill's Gambling Hall. Not the same.

Perhaps the most shocking change for us hit us in the face withing a couple of hours after landing. Last time, as with every time I'd been to Vegas, we could take a trip to the Flamingo and visit the adorable penguins at their wildlife exhibit. This time we were stunned to read the sign that stated the penguins had permanently moved to...Dallas, Texas! DALLAS???

Now that I'm planning on a permanent relocation to Vegas I have no penguins to visit. Unless Wayne Newton decides to befriend me, which is kind o unlikely since we've never met and all, I may never see a penguin again! OK, I'll likely find some at a zoo or something, but penguins in Vegas! Tragic.

Currently, I'm trying to stave off panic. I've no idea how to make a cross-country move happen. I know I have to remain behind after he initial move to honor some contracts and the thought of a long drive all alone to rejoin my wife is freaking me out. I've no idea how we're going to make a living, no clue as to what I'll be like in the new climate, no hint of whether or not this is the right thing for us.

We know that this is what we've wanted for a long time, and I personally know that there will never be a better opportunity for us to make this move. That being said, I've lived here my whole life and I've grown rather accustomed to life here.

I'm terrified.

I also have not had any chance to really break down and try to soak in all that has happened. More on that later I suppose.

For now I have to fill all my free time with impending move stuff. I have some shows this week, one of which is a Vegas Brothers show. Somehow I've been stuck with planning everything on that show, even though I've asked and pleaded with the others to step up and take care of this stuff. I just don't have the time to do as much business stuff right now. I am, after all, living on a sofa in someone else's house.

As lucky as we are, this all scares the hell out of me and it all kind of sucks at the same time.


Blogger golfwidow said...

If I say, "You know, it's all going to be all right, just, well, not yet," not only will I be full of shit, since how the hell do I know that, but I'll also be vastly annoying and you will want to punch me.

It's all going to be all right.

Just, well, not yet.

4:05 AM

Blogger Gordon said...


Think one cross-country move is scary?

I've moved

*from Chicago to Oregon
*from Oregon to St. Louis

(both within eight months)

Moving from STL to Chicago was relatively easier - of course, I had three months to prepare.

It's scary, but the only real "advice" is to take it one step at a time.

That, and plenty of alcohol.

4:45 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

This reminds me of my move to LA. I was excited and scared to death at the same time.

Hokay, here's what you do to make yourself less crazy...

Make detailed packing lists with your boxes, (box 1- tennis shoes, socks, stuffed penguin) This will make the unpacking a million times easier and you can find most of the stuff you need right away.

Find every contact list, business card, and other work info and put it in a separate place. Start by sending emails/letters telling contacts in Vegas, (or people who hire for Vegas,) that you are relocating and would love to talk to them when you arrive.) I know it sounds early but you are laying groundwork.)

Ask a friend or family member to drive with you to Vegas. It's a fun place, someone is bound to want to go with you. This will ease the stress on you.

I know Chicago has always been your home and it's hard to leave. But you will still come back to visit, and I'm sure you can work there when you want. Also, the fun thing about living in a popular destination is that EVERYONE will come visit!

Take a deep breath. Now take another one. YOU WILL BE FINE!

This is going to be a great move for you professionally. And I'm sure personally as well. New beginnings can be really fun.

Email me if you want anymore unasked for advice ;-)

4:46 AM

Anonymous sue said...

I think Lisa has it all figured out. I like the idea of having someone drive out with you - they usually have really cheap fares to/from Vegas and they could get one back. Her suggestions about the work stuff is good, too, and personally I know that marking boxes with details is PRICELESS. (Especially for those things you don't need to get to for awhile, but still and all will someday want.)

Deep breaths. I'll happen. It will be fine. Yes, it won't happen overnight, but then... anything worth it is worth waiting for, right?

8:24 AM

Anonymous Older, Wiser Brother said...

Ah, all these fine folks don't realize that your stuff has been hastily packed and stuffed into storage, that moving will be like Christmas every day as you open unmarked boxes and wonder "Just where IS my El Rey ashtray?"

Seriously, moving cross country isn't really any worse than cross town. Yes, it does suck, but move is a four letter word, after all.

I've moved too many times and have gotten pretty good at it. You'll be fine!

11:56 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Oh I KNOW where my El Rey ashtrays are!

Yeah, unless I can get out to storage and root through all the boxes, everything had to be hurriedly packed and stored, so who knows what the hell we're moving!

We're thinking of having a month's worth of garage sales when we get there and unpacked. Instead of having a garage sale because we're moving, we'll have one because we moved. "We're here. Everything must go!"

12:02 PM

Anonymous sue said...

Oh, sorry - I forgot about the hastily packed boxes. (What WAS I thinking?)...

7:38 AM

Anonymous 3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

What an adventure you have planned, Andy! I haven't been blogging in quite a while, so I was unaware of the micro-burst disaster, and the planned move!

I remember the packing up and moving; two minivans, a U-Haul pulling one of the minivan, three kids, (one of which was crying most of the way) and a cat who hates being in a car from Washington state all the way to Phoenix. It was quite the adventure! And yes, scary too.

If and when you hit the Phoenix area, I'm sure Jade and myself would love to meet up! :-)


6:51 AM


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