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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Having Touble Deja-Viewing My Show?

THIS would have been the April Fools Day joke, as opposed to the whole "my apartment was destroyed by a micro burst" thing.

Thuesday I had a show to perform in Naperville. With all that has been going on in my life of late, something like being able to perform my silly little program is a genuine treat.

This was a booking that came in while I was in Las Vegas so I was even happier to get the booking. Not only was this to be a very timely and needed booking, but it was among the first bookings I made sans office (post-disaster). I was very proud to be able to do what I could to keep things "business as usual" and the client was certainly sympathetic to my plight.

Everything was all set for the show and the enue was fantastic. Being "Take Your Kids to Work Day" there were MANY kids and parents in attendance. Always a plus.

I'm not kidding you here. One minute before my show was to start a loud siren screaming from outside could be heard in the building. I recognized this siren right away as the local TORNADO WARNING SIREN.

Naturally I wasn't at all worried. After all, I've been through my disastrous storm already. How many can one person be asked to experience in one lifetime much less one month, right?

We all had to head to a hallway and take cover just in case the storm outside provided a tornado. I met a person I'd gone to high school with, much to my surprise and we waited for the all clear together and caught up a bit.

After about 30 minutes the show went on as planned. I went up to the gal who booked the show and asked her if she'd planned all this for me. I mean that would be rather cool for someone to go to all that trouble on my behalf. Oddly enough she did not plan a tornado.

As it happened, a tornado did not hit Naperville. It hit Plainfield and Bolingbrook, just a few miles away!

Can you believe this? At first they thought it was a micro burst. Later the National Weather Service deemed it a tornado. The weakest of all tornadoes, but a tornado nonetheless.

I am starting to think that April and I need to get to Vegas much sooner than planned!


Anonymous d-man said...

It's all a sign of End Times, brother. If you see four men on horses, run!

4:30 AM

Anonymous Older, Wiser Brother said...

Yeah, get your asses to Vegas pronto, Bro! The weather gods are trying to tell you something!

4:37 AM

Blogger sue said...

"Andy... and the Stalking Tornado"... coming soon to a theater near you.

7:30 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

Dude, go wherever you're going, but if you're coming to Connecticut, let me know, so I can wait for you in the cellar.

10:46 AM

Blogger Jules said...

Maybe the bad weather is following you.... Let me know if you plan to come to Cali. I've got friends in Denver I can stay with!!

9:10 AM


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