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Monday, April 16, 2007

Feeling "Better", but I'm FAR from "Well"

I'm rather hopeful that all the stress and anxiety from the apartment disaster and the decision to uproot everything and relocate 1800 miles west has had some sort of effect on my intestines and caused a TEMPORARY problem. I'm on the mend, but somehow I still can't "enjoy" the quality, regular, toilet time I have spent my life enjoying. Still some pain, still some blood, still some threat of something worse that would ruin my no health insurance having self.

I gotta, while informative, sure scares the shit out of you (not me...I'll never shit again apparently) if you type in your symptoms and come up with ulcerative colitis.

Ah well, at least we get to gather more stuff from the old apartment on Tuesday...and our new home in Las Vegas awaits.

Seriously, I will get to details about the apartment, the trip, the new home...I'm extremely busy with far too much crap (as in "stuff", not actual crap...I don't do that anymore) to even think about blogging or podcasting right now.

But this new episode of Podcrapular totally rocks. Josh is excellent and he is clearly stealing the show right from under me. Don't ya wish you listened to me when you had the chance?


Blogger golfwidow said...

Can't happen. Josh is The Awesome and all, but you are my only connection to Nicky Vegas, my future ex-husband.

2:31 AM

Blogger Jules said...

sorry about your bowels. I hope it gets better.

And I don't think Josh says "pussy" as often as you do... and you know how I like that!

8:18 AM

Anonymous sue said...

note to self: catch up on podcasts.

Andy - get better dude! Moving and stresses are bad enough with all THAT crap (or...non-crap...or whatever). Love ya!

8:49 AM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

you're so full of shit.


according to webmd I have like 13 diseases!!

I'm sending you good poop vibes. let me know if it works. ;)

6:28 PM

Blogger Kim said...

lol Andy, WEBMD scares the shit outta me too, no pun intended.

I do have to tell you that It seems kind of serendipitous to me that your home was damaged and you've decided to relo to Vegas. You belong in Vegas Andy, and I can't help but think that things are really going to start happening for you now. I don't stop in often enough, but I love you and think of you often. Best of luck.

3:12 AM


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