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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Awww Crap!

I mean...WOO-HOO! CRAP!

Been starting to feel better, normal, and everything lately. Of course all the pressure built up inside me, combined with the moving of the rest of our stuff out of the apartment yesterday (and all the trips before - UGH!) has brought about some "man pains" that I really, REALLY don't have the time nor the cash to deal with right now.


It looks like we're going to make the big move some time around the end of May. I'll help get everything there and then head back here where I'll honor as many of my contracts as possible (and pay for this stuff) until about July 4th. Then...a long, lonely, solo drive back to Las Vegas, possibly with another truck and some furniture. More on that later.

Yes, I'll update you on the fun we had in Vegas and the other disaster stuff. I swear. I'm sorry haven't been around your blogs or mine as often as I'd like. I'm on borrowed time (literally - I'm on a library computer right now) and I have a LOT of important things to do. I'm one busy homeless guy ya know. SO again, I apologize.

Anybody who hasn't quite figured out why I haven't had time to visit, play, update or has actually been MAD at me because of the aforementioned lack of time for I need to keep you as a friend? can't be that dumb right?

Good fucking lord!


Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Cross country moving is no picnic. Been there, done that. It sounds like being in Vegas is going to be a great career move for you though. Fun too!

See ya when I see ya.

4:45 PM

Blogger Jules said...

I can't wait till you get to Vegas. Everytime I go to Nevada, I come back married or pregnant. Lets see if I can break the cycle!!!

6:39 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Yay! Glad things are improving, and that you have a plan. I can't wait for updates!

3:12 AM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

someone is actually MAD at you for not visiting them lately? lmao! you're so selfish, andy! all you seem to care about is having a roof over your head! I mean, like, get over yourself!! ;)

8:36 AM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Andy: What an ordeal. But there is "light at the end of the tunnel". Sumerlin and Henderson are nice areas. Plus, you'll be in an environment with a fresh start. Don't worry about Blog concerns. Just wish you the Best!

1:19 PM

Anonymous d-man said...

"Man pains"? You mean you have a cold, right?

5:30 AM


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