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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Working on Getting More Work

Been working on that 5 minute general promo video today. I'm reminded that I don't have nearly as much "spectacle" as I need for a whiz-bang video. However, I'm pretty crafty. I can make what I have work well enough until I get some of the new props and tweaks to the act on tape.

Still and all, editing video takes a lot of time.

So does putting together a podcast. If for no other reason you should take a listen to Podcrapular, subscribe, and encourage others to do the same. It is free after all so all you've got invested is the time it takes to hear one funny damn show.


Anonymous d-man said...

Has it got Real Porn Audio? Or is it not that kind of video...

3:15 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Hiya Andy. I've just finished listening to the last three podcasts (got a little busy and got behind) and tried to leave a comment on each one, but it wouldn't take, at least, they didn't show up when I looked. Hopefully they're floating around out there in cyberspace and will find their way home. In any case, I was trying to tell you I hate peeps but love circus peanuts, that the dead guy from the Cars was Ben Orr, and that I DO TOO listen to you guys, every single podcast, and thanks for the plug. Love you and GW too, keep up the good work,but ffs, fix the damn comments.

7:46 AM

Blogger Jules said...

it is a funny damn show... I work Podcrapular into my weekend routine. My life is THAT exciting!

11:17 PM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Yes I know all too well how long editing takes :-)

However, you still should *AHEM* visit your blogger buddies more than once in a blue moon.

Wow, am I subtle or what?

7:20 AM


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