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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two Shows You Should Hear

Naturally, you should ALWAYS make a point to take a listen to the weekly podcast, Podcrapular. Why? DUH! It's a show starring the MIGHTY Golfwidow and yours truly. It's always damn funny and it's always available to stream, to download, to hear on iTunes - IT IS AVAILABLE!

A crafty person could simply click and listen right here. ;)

Also, I have to give a little free promo to my good friend, Kelly Williams. He used to have an Internet-only radio show, which I mentioned some time ago. Well he's long since moved on from that little place and is now on one of the longest-running radio stations in Chicago, the urban-themed WVON (AM 1690 in Chicago).

I make mention of his show because it used to be him and some other dude. Now it's all Kelly Williams, baby! WVON streams in Real Player 24/7/365, but Kelly's show, Kelly Williams Overnight, is only available Saturday nights from 10:00 PM to Midnight (CST) . You can even call in and join the issue-based talk show at 773-591-1690.


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