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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stamp THIS!

According to the latest episode of Podrapular (Available for streaming or downloading right now), if you call our audio comment line at 206-350-3352 and leave us a voice mail, not only will we play your message on the air, I will send you an Andy Martello collector's card in an envelope Andy Martello stamp.

If only I could find a way to beg for even more attention or possibly appear more in need of love and approval. Until that happens, this will have to do.

You would, of course, be obligated to disclose a valid snail mail address at some point, or these hot commodities are gonna get mailed elsewhere (OR NOT AT ALL!). But we don't want your address on the air - you can email it to

What should you say in your voice mail message? Damn near anything will be played.

  • You can just say hello or tell us about the minutiae of your day.
  • You could tell us a joke or create a punchline to our Paris Hilton joke ("Paris Hilton walks into her doctor's office and says, "Doc, I have a burning sensation in my pussy," and the doctor replies...[insert punch line here]").
  • You could read us your very own SPAM SPEAK poem (string together the non-sequitor subject lines from your SPAM e-mails and read them as if they were poetry).

Click here to get your own player.

Anything works for us. Just call us and play along if you'd like to do so. As with all these silly offers, this is one of those "While Supplies Last" kind of things. I paid good money for these and I really SHOULDN'T waste them by not sending them to potential clients or agents. They are cool enough, however, to use them as bait for some more participation in our fun little show.


Blogger tkkerouac said...

nice shoes above.
thanks for sending the link

8:03 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

I got the shoes ones! He mailed me a something! (Course, now I'm jealous of the stamp AND the fact that he went to Packo's, 'cos what he mailed me was their brochure and their newsletter.)

Why the hell is it that, the more comments I leave, the longer the word verification is? I've gone from five letters to eight letters. Surely it believes I'm me by now, right?

3:27 AM


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