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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Saw a Baby Humboldt Penguin Today

April and I went to the Brookfield Zoo for some much needed fun & frolic. Today was the day where she had to have her old, dead car towed away for good and she was rather traumatized. So what better way to wash away the sadness than visiting some fuzzy critters?

Naturally I didn't bring my digital camera with me as we go to this zoo all the time. So it follows that whenever April gets her film developed I'll have a photo or two of the baby Humboldt Penguin we saw today.

It was quite a surprise to see the fluffy bird. We're members at this zoo and didn't recall hearing any birth announcement in our regular newsletter. No problem though. I like surprises like that!

We also looked at a prospective apartment. It's not exactly the lap of luxury, but if all works out and I can get April on board we can end up with about 300 more square feet, bigger closets, and a move that's only about 3 miles from where we currently reside.

Of course I still have to do some more looking as we need to compare and contrast. Plus, we don't really have the cash to apply anywhere right now. I'm also finding out that they're all much more happy to talk to me if they think I'll be moving in right away rather than June or July 1st. Ah well, at least we're finding a few places that might work.


Blogger Jules said...

I hate moving. I hate looking for apartment. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. The last time we moved I told my husband: "I want air conditioning, a designated place to park my car and a dishwasher. Find i t and don't bother me with it."

Another reason why I don't complain too much about the problems I have here. It's better than moving again!! And I don't have someone to find me another apartment.

11:06 AM

Anonymous sue said...

Good luck! ... and can't wait to see the critter pics.

8:30 AM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

sweet! I look forward to seeing the baby penguin pics!

12:07 PM


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