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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Could Use a Bit of Luck

Been screwed out of two paychecks coming in the timely manner I was promised and this couldn't happen at a worse time. Well I suppose it could, but for now it is a very inconvenient time.

I'll get paid. I'm not all that worried about that. I just needed this cash yesterday if not the day before.

Along with the impending move (the hard target search for the new Martello pad has begun) and my tax appointment today (where I expect to hear I owe considerably more than I can afford to pay) I've been getting a bit on the anxious, nervous, and panicky side. The usual stuff...fear of being a failure forever, bankruptcy, legal woes...nothing new.

All that and our pet fish has taken the better part of a day to die. He seems to have a swim bladder illness and generally those don't mean good things for tiny fish. We sequestered him to a separate tank and did what we could to try to improve his condition, expecting he'd pass while we were out running errands. Instead, he's been more than hanging on and was alive when we got back and is STILL alive at the time of this writing. No, he hasn't gotten any better. he's simply prolonging the agony and encouraging us to try far too many things to bring him back from the brink.

I'm losing it. A few good thoughts and some positive mojo would sure help.


Anonymous d-man said...

Sorry to hear about your fish.

1:32 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

Poor fishy. Poor Andy. If I had money I'd get you out of the hole till help arrives.

3:31 AM

Blogger Gordon said...


Know the feeling - between packing, doing a job search, *and* an apartment search (with Mom as my field agent), it's busy.

Wishing you mucho mojo,

4:01 AM

Anonymous sue said...

Sorry about the fish - and the lack of funds. I swear, some of the people with the most money are the tightest. We know several people who have a hard time getting paid - by people who have the money, but just won't part with it in a timely fashion. What's up with that? I don't get it.

At any rate, sending you nothing but good mojo and reminding you that spring is right around the corner... :)

7:18 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Fuck, I DID leave a comment here. I was all sympathetic and everything, too. I also suggested you use the stress to write some material.

8:09 PM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

sorry about your fish, but how do you know it has swim bladder illness? did you take it to the vet or something? :)

12:11 PM

Blogger Jules said...

I know that isolated, the fish is probably not such a huge deal- but on top of everything else it seems very very bad. Financial woes suck, but you know- when you live outside your means, like I do, it's almost a fun little game. Keep your chin up, sexy man.

8:01 PM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Sorry about the fish and everything else. I understand the feeling about needing the paycheck NOW and the company taking their time paying it :-(

5:47 AM


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