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Friday, March 09, 2007

How Cool Are YOU?

Ever wonder how cool you have become (or how much "cool" you've lost) since high school?

Well thanks to the millions of people with too much free time online, there is now a test that will give you the definitive answer.

Click Here to see how cool you you are or are not since graduating high school.

Thanks, Kellie for sending this to me and everyone in your address book.


Anonymous d-man said...

I was too school for cool

1:19 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

I have a life. No time to be taking foolish tests like that.


As if.


(But "hug" was part of my word verification, so I feel slightly better.)

4:31 AM

Blogger Jules said...

Ahh, you got me!! You big twat!! I was way cool in high school- and super hot too, I have just BECOME a big dork.

8:56 AM

Blogger Jules said...

... I think I'm still kinda hot too.

8:57 AM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Hey Andy: I was a bore until you forced me to listen to Billy Idol's version of "Louie. Louie"! Now I receive so many invitations to parties thrown by people I don't even know that I have to turn them down! NOW THAT IS COOL! And I owe it all to my Magician friend who makes "The Amazing Jonathan" eat...well you know.

2:11 PM

Blogger tkkerouac said...

I already know I'm a nerd!

4:01 PM

Blogger Webmiztris said...


some things never change. :)

5:37 PM


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