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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here's What the Hall of Fame Committee Hasn't Considered

OK, since the majority of my life was spent as a Cubs fan I feel I can comment on the recent & now thrice repeated incorrect decision by the veterans committee to exclude Ron Santo from the Hall of Fame. Since I no longer give a rat's ass about the Cubs I can also comment as to why Santo was not elected...Santo was something of an asshole to both the writers and other players in his day and therefore he doesn't get in...just that simple.

All that aside, here is one thing that the veterans committee has not considered.

I get it. I know that you think you are some super secret exclusive club and only those who used to suck your cock in your playing days (or those who kept quiet the identities of those who did) should be in your special tree house gang of aging fuckwads. No need to extrapolate on this one.

I know you're keeping Santo out because he was such a cock to the sports writers and the other players. I get that too. Here's what YOU don't understand and it is something that was made abundantly clear on ESPN the other day during the Mike & Mike show.

Some overly pompous and equally bitter sports writer (I forget who) who has a vote in the Hall of fame decisions said something remarkably profound the other day. He said that the continued exclusion of such deserving players like Ron Santo, Gil Hodges, & Andre Dawson (all reported assholes in their playing days...see any similarities here?), and I'll try to quote this accurately, "vindicates the sports writers and reinforces what WE already knew about these players."

Are you hearing that former players of the game? You tight-knit, stick together, never say a discouraging word about any of your own regardless of how many laws or game rules they have broken lot of players out there? Are you hearing that correctly? The sports writers, a group you have almost universally trashed for knowing how to write, but not knowing much about the game since they never played themselves - YOU ASSHOLES ( the righteous and good players) are telling your sworn enemies (the obviously ill-informed sports writers) that THEY WERE AND ARE RIGHT about who should be in your precious little Hall of Fame. After all, it is the sports writers who decide the post-baseball fates of all eligible players. They vote and they determine which of you fuckwads gets in. For no other reason you should let guys like Santo in. Fuck the statistics!

Sure the statistics play a small part of it, but even those are subjective since SUPPOSEDLY the player is to be judged upon not only his stats, but how his level of play affected and contributed to the game DURING HIS ERA. I know this is a crock of shit, since so many writers glance at the stats and then (usually when they know nothing about the players) say something like, "Yeah, but how many World Series did the guy play in or win?" I got news for you...only two teams every year get to play in a World Series and only one team gets to win. Been that way for a long time so judging a player on his post-season work just isn't fair on ANY level.

So listen up, you petty buttwipes. Not only are you making something of a mockery out of your position as Hall of Fame members, but you are making the sports writers look kind than you on all accounts. They say that someone shouldn't be in the Hall and you are reinforcing their judgements...those same judgements that angered you when you were not let in initially or one of your friends was summarily snubbed. YOU are supposed to be able to agree on who was the best at their positions in their era of play because YOU know the game.

Santo has better stats than MOST of the other Third Basemen in the Hall (not a large group, by the way. Andre Dawson has better stats than most of the damn PLAYERS in the game past or present (he was fucking awesome). Gil Hodges...he's fucking Gil Hodges for fuck's sake. If you can be Gil-fucking-Hodges and still not get in the Hall of Fame why do we even have writers or players voting on such crap?

And for the record, since I'm talking about people being snubbed for reasons that have little to do with the actual level of play the ballplayers exhibited, Bill Buckner not only deserves a MASSIVE public apology from the asshole Red Sox fans, he on stats alone deserves to be in Cooperstown. He, like Santo, had some monster numbers and played the game to near perfection. Santo has the unfortunate circumstance to not only be on the fucking Cubs, but was a jerk-off for most of his career (Sorry, Ron, but everyone knows you are a nicer man today than you were then. Karma is a fucking cunt.) Buckner has that damned ex-Cub thing, but more notably has one rather famous muffed play at First base. Take a look at Buckner's numbers, realize he still has some long-standing all-time records at his position (both as a hitter and a fielder) and better stats than most First basemen in the Hall now and you'll agree that not only are the sports writers all morons, but so are the veterans who haven't righted any wrongs done by the fucking sports writers in three attempts.

Yo...asshole veteran baseball Hall of Lamers...stop vindicating the sports writers, stop trying to keep your silly club open to nobody, and let someone who deserves to be accepted learn your secret fucking handshake. Major League Baseball has been a disgrace for for too long to remember. You can make it a little more palatable by doing the right thing and allowing some truly deserving players into the fray.

And any fucking ball player who doesn't think Marvin-fucking-Miller shouldn't be in the Hall is a total asshole. None of you would be cashing a fucking paycheck if it weren't for him. Sure, the fans may not like his contribution to the game, especially since so many of the pampered assholes out there are million dollar crinkle tarts these days. But a player, even one who never got to enjoy multi-million dollar contracts has to know that his contribution to the game benefited your own very fucking well.

Fuck Major League Baseball! I hope the goddamn Hall of Fame burns to the ground.


Blogger golfwidow said...

Oh, you want to start an argument in my house, you just be me, trying to explain to That Man of Mine, who is a pompous know-it-all when it comes to baseball, why I think Roger Maris, a back to back American League MVP, seven World Series, seven All-Star games, 275 career home runs, and comparable (in a case or two higher) batting average to other Hall of Famers, ought to be in the Hall of Fame even if you don't count his fielding average and his Gold Glove, let alone tying Ruth's season record. It's Fun.

But I only go to Cooperstown for the waffles and the beer anyway.

3:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tirade against the people who decide who's to get in the Hall of Fame reminds me of all those old men who so self-righteously decide what women can/can't do with their bodies.


5:02 AM

Blogger Steven Novak said...

Since I know next to nothing about baseball I have only this to say....

Bill Buckner has a sweet ass stache. ;)


2:42 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I didn't know that Bill Buckner has a moustache on his ass.

2:50 PM


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