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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun With Fan Pics

I love my Penguini Posse. Sure, I've been out of actual Penguinis for some time now. That doesn't change the fact that I have penguin items and other fun trinkets to send out to anyone willing to make a fan sign for me.

In a recent episode of Podcrapular (Latest episode up and running right now) we discussed the woes and difficulties involved with me trying to give away Free Stuff. It seems that some people can't get past my rather humorous plea for pics of chicks in skimpy outfits or simply showing some BOOBAGE. Others can't seem to figure out what the hell a fan sign or a fan pic really is, even though I offer up many examples. Still there are folks who just don't understand that you don't get the penguins if you don't do the picture and linky love thing as adequately explained in the instructions.

I have had a few folks send me some cool photos, but they were not technically fan pics so, scantily clad or not, I don't share with the class.

In response to this discussion, the very funny and gifted writer, known to the blog world as Cosmicrayola, decided to share with me not one but TWO fan pics. She even made two separate posts linking back to me with one pic per page.

At first I was thinking she was among those who was all too fixated on the breast/cleavage thing (which I've stated many times is not really necessary, but always appreciated). She seemed more than ready to send me a boo photo in exchange for some penguiny goodness. She's also a grandmother and who knows what to expect with all this in play?

The first photo in this post is actually the second photo she sent me. She even explained perfectly in her blog that the boobs aren't necessary as well as making a good case for hiring me. She rocks.

I said that the first pic you've seen was actually her second pic.

The first one she sent me...

...Her BOOBS!

This woman not only kicks major ass, but has a wicked sense of humor! She's getting an extra special package for this one!

Check her out and enjoy a good read. You can also buy a copy of her book while you're at it.


Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Ah, men and their boobage. It never stops...

Wait, that sounded kinda freaky ;-)

6:14 AM

Anonymous sue said...

I love me a wicked sense of humor! You GO girl! (...and WHAT does being a Grandma have to do with it, Andy... I'm a grandma, too, and we can be just as sexy and nasty as the rest! Sometimes MORE so! LOL!)

6:15 AM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

you gotta be careful when you're asking for grandma boob shots, andy! some of them are downright scary!

11:46 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Llisa, go read and reread my Free Stuff post. I am telling you, the women are the ones fixated with the breasts here. Not me. lol

Sue, this is not some post about who is and isn't beautiful. It is MORE than a fair statement to say that if a grandmother is sending you a photo of her boobs you really don't know what to expect. I would say that the photo I did receive more than proves that.

Plus, not all grandmothers are the chick in 40 year Old Virgin or Raquel Welch (Is she a granny? I forget.) which makes the statement, "I have no idea what to expect" even more accurate.

Dawn, I ask for the pan pics and I'm happy with all of them.. LOL!

I have received a few pics of scantily clad and even naked people in response to this post. But since they were not featuring any sort of undying love for Andy or Andy Land I tell the folks the pics are appreciated, but don't fit the requirements. I still send out a free card for the effort and do not discriminate. if the chick were a hag, but the photo was a fan pic, I'd put it up. I'm just happy to se who's willing to play along.

11:59 AM

Anonymous sue said...

Good save, Andy... :P

9:33 AM


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