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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Low Rent

One of the residual effects of our apartment building turning into a low income housing facility is the asinine behavior of the tenants.

Among the things that upsets me about Chicago in the winter is the fact that people suddenly feel entitled to a public piece of land (the street) simply because they have taken the time to shovel out their car from a snow storm. It's INSANE! People will actually go out to where their car is parked, on a public city street, dig out their car, and THEN take chairs, and other items from their home to reserve the space once occupied by their car, "saving" the space for when they return from work or wherever. people have actually gotten into fights and gone to the hospital defending their real estate, which isn't even theirs, simply because some idiot feels entitled to the space now that he's done the work to remove the snow.

Personally I believe all these people should be shot like dogs, but only after they have watched ME remove their chairs and other junk and parked my car in their space.

The city streets are public property. They have no right to keep their parking space, a chunk of street that is not designated as their spot nor is it issued a permit stating so. People may pay taxes which allow them free use of that public street, but they do not pay rent on that exact space. These people are assholes and they all should just suck it up, shovel their fucking snow and go to work. It is the savage behavior of low class people. If they wanted a guaranteed parking space, they'd have moved to the suburbs or to a location with a fucking garage. Instead, they feel entitled to the city streets.

Here are some of the things they don't realize.

  • If they all just get their cars out in a timely manner, the streets & sanitation folks will be able to adequately remove the snow from their street much sooner.
  • Putting your personal belongings onto the public streets is littering, a ticketing offense which COULD incur a hefty fine if the police felt like enforcing it at all.
  • Those place-holders, the personal items now placed upon the public streets, are also considered to be abandoned goods and are available to the public should anyone want to take that crap for themselves.. Sure it is usually useless crap like a busted lawn chair, but really...Why the fuck are you keeping that in the first place? You deserve not only to lose your parking space, but your special MAGIC LAWN CHAIR as well. I used to go around the city with a friend of mine who owned a pickup truck and gather all the discarded chairs and sold off the stuff to junk yards and in garage sales.
What does this have to do with me? I live in the suburbs in an apartment complex with AMPLE parking. Really, I've NEVER had a problem finding a place to park because there are probably about 200 more spaces than there are apartments. Well, today I almost shit myself.

Some ASSHOLE, some dickless piece of low-rent shit, shoveled out his car (and did a very poor job of it I might add) and left a piece of trash in place of the spot, hoping to mark his territory. Now he can't be that low rent, the garbage he chose was the outer shell of a personal computer, so he must have had a few bucks at some point. But there it was, sitting among the MANY available spaces and the ones awaiting the snow plow.

WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT! There are enough spaces for EVERY apartment dweller, even if you have two cars or more and HE, likely some Chicago transfer piece of shit, felt it necessary to try and claim a spot he needn't have claimed.

I know I have a lot of work to do in the apartment hunt and that I can't really move until May or June, but I can't fucking wait to get the fuck out of this place. It's turning into something I've never truly seen before. It's becoming a middle class ghetto. Can you imagine a place named "Carol Stream", a place that is certainly more affluent than it is suffering, becoming a ghetto? Well come on out to see our once lovely apartment complex (they are making all sorts of pre-ghetto improvements). You'll get to see what the low rent district is like in one of the nicest towns I've ever known.


Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

People get pretty snarky about parking in NYC as well. I'm with you, it's public property for Gawd's sake!
Those idiots need to learn how to deal.

Big cities have their own set of rules.

5:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's illegal there to "save" a parking place, and they should get tickets--but the cops are usually so busy that they just look the other way.

Hey--I always wondered--is there a stream in Carol Stream?


5:26 AM

Anonymous Ron said...

I lived on the south side of Chicago for years and the practice of "claiming" a dug out parking space drove me equally crazy. My next door neighbor was a habitual offender. One year I had the day off, so I dug out my car, then proceeded to dig out the next two spaces east and west. Sixty feet, all perfectly clear. What does the jag off do? Parks in the place I cleaned, then puts his garbage out the next day to keep it claimed. He didn't even fucking do the work!

We live in the suburbs now with a garage and driveway.

6:49 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Hi ROn.

Thanks for stopping by. Sad to hear that you did the neighborly thing and someone else had to ruin all the goodwill. Some people just don't deserve the good things they get.

Hope you'll visit and comment again.

There's no stream in Carol Stream. The town was founded by Jay Stream and named after his daughter Carol.

11:14 AM

Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I so want that shell. Excellent for building a computer! I will pay for shipping!

Is it big? I need dimensions please! lol

One of the reasons I like driving an old big ass pickup truck would be telling said person. "Shit man I am sorry I never saw that in my big ass truck and ran over it, you should have not left it there. But give me your insurance information so that I can file a claim since I chipped some paint off of my truck."

11:34 AM


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