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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Podcrapular Promos

So with the creation of a podcast, like Podcrapular, comes the need to promote said podcast. There are all kinds of podcast directory sites just as there are for blogs and the mighty Golfwidow has been doing a lot of work finding those places and getting us listed. I know...I'm a total slacker and I should do more of my fair share of the heavy lifting. Ahh, but I do SOMETHING other than prattle on the phone with her and then subject you to even more prattling.

I've been creating the
"Previously On Podcrapular" segments that are featured at the beginning of our shows. I'd offer you a link to listen to one but all you have to do is listen to the first few minutes of the show to know what I mean.

I also have been given the task of creating 30 to 60-second commercials for our show. Like any radio show, you need little teasers to try and convince people to listen. Plus, many of the sites we're listing our show on want us to have a small promo in our profile listing and who are we to say no, right?

Since we can always use more listeners and our blogs are really the only way we snag the majority of our audience (for now), I thought I'd toss out a few links here and you can listen to the promos I've come up with so far. Believe me, they're way funnier than most of the promos I've heard for other shows, so I'm mighty proud of them. So proud, I have no problem telling you that if you want to add them to your blog to help spread the word, the Podcrapular Gods will smile upon you. OK, nothing cool will happen, but you can still post them or upload them to your own server if you want to do so. At the very least you can listen to them and humor me by telling me how damn funny they sound.

You may want to "Right Click & Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and listen to them at your leisure or save them forever. You can also just click the links. Hit your back button to come back here and listen to them all. OOH, open them in a separate window if you want. Options. We all like options.

Teaser #1:
"Golfwidow's Mom Doesn't Like It"
60 seconds, 1 mb

Teaser #2:
"The Porn Teaser"
30 seconds, .5 mb

Teaser #3:
"Xena, Warrior Princess Teaser"
30 seconds, .5 mb

Teaser #4:
"We're Screwed!"
30 seconds, .5 mb


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