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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Podcasting Q & A

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Since I started working with Golfwidow on Podcrapular, I've had a few friends and relatives ask me all about how we make the magic happen. OK, nobody has ever used that exact phrase, but it sounds way better than, "Hey, you make that show sound much better than I expected. How the fuck do you do it? You're a total retard, right?"

So here are some of the questions and answers conveniently located in one simple blog post.

Q: Golfwidow's podcast was so good before you showed up. Why did you ruin it?
A: I ruin all good things. Its what I do.

Q: Since you suck so bad, what made you think you could make a podcast in the first place?
A: I didn't. I simply rode the coattails of someone who already had a podcast. She does all the work and I pretend to do all the work.

Q: Are you and Golfwidow sleeping together?
A: No. Not yet. Give it time. She'll crumble eventually. Then I can ruin her too.

Q: I'd have hit that months back, yo. Wait. You haven't boinked her yet? What? Are you a total she-man loser?
A: Yes. Completely. I can't close the deal because we're both married and we've never actually met in person. We live in separate states too. Actually it is almost way better than being married. Good use of the word, "boinked", by the way.

Q: If you've never met, how do you explain your great on-air chemistry? You sound a lot like people who've known each other for years...And subsequently stopped sleeping with each other.
A: We like each other's work and respect our comedic sensibilities. The chemistry thing is a happy accident.

Q: OK, how do you record the thing if you've never met and live in different states.
A: We talk to each other using GoogleTalk, a free IM/Phone call program thingamabob. It's way cool because we can talk for hours without incurring any long distance rates. Then we record our separate halves of the conversation using Audacity, another free software for audio recording & editing. I send my half of the show to her using YouSendIt, a free service for sending massive media files and she edits the stuff together. The intro pieces, SPAM Speak, and other "produced" parts are done whenever we can get to them and placed in the show.

Q: So basically, you and Golfwidow are way fucking cheap bastards.
A: I'm a cheap bastard. She's a cheap bitch. Get your terminology right, fuckwad.

Q: Why do you host & store your show at Podomatic?
A: Oh come on...You can figure this one out.

Q: Because it is free?
A: Yep. You can actually record your own podcast using Podomatic as well. You don't get to add extras like sound effects and music, but if you wanted to just record, store, and broadcast a simple podcast for your blog or for other reasons, Podomatic is as good a place as any to do so.

Q: Why do you have a MySpace page if you think MySpace blows?
A: Golfwidow made me get one. OK, she really signed us up herself. She does all the work and I pretend to do all the work...Remember?

Q: Can I get your show on iTunes?
A: Yep! There's a link on our Podomatic page and you can search for us on iTunes, subscribe, whatever. You can also get us on Google, Yahoo, & Newsgator or just download us from our Podomatic page.

Q: Why do you two swear so much and laugh at dick & pussy jokes?
A: We swear because we're fucking good at it. We laugh at dick & pussy jokes because we're totally immature, just like you, fucknut.

There you have it. All the Podcrapular questions answered. Of course, if you have any others you can feel free to ask them in the comments field of this blog. Better yet, you can e-mail us at You may also wish to visit out MySpace page and ask away there or simply post a comment at our Podomatic page. While you're there, you can record a comment at Podomatic for free or give our VX Mail number (206-350-3352) a call and ask there. LOTS of ways to learn more about Podcrapular. Of course the best way is to listen to the show.


Blogger D_Man said...

Q: Can you compress the show down to a convenient 5mb?

Q: Can I use google talk on a homing penguin string-and-can phone line?

Q; Will Hillary win?

1:54 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Damn. Now that I know how all the magic happens, it takes all of the fun out of it for me. Rats.

6:04 AM

Blogger Bud said...

I've been waiting for all that last info written down in one space. Thanks. Today I get to listen.

6:14 AM

Anonymous hellbunny said...

Im not which was the funniest there.The dumb questions or your funny replies.

7:38 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

D-Man: No, No, and...doubtful. If she makes Obama or her husband her running mate then she'll win by a landslide.

LisaB: Imagine how much I'd ruin the magic if Golfwidow and I slept together. Trust me, this is better.

Bud: Glad I could help. Enjoy today's show. Lots of Cheap Trick references.

hellbunny: I do what I can. Glad you liked. ;)

9:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

neat! I was curious about how you recorded your podcasts too!

3:10 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Be honest, Dawn. You wanted to know iff Golfwidow and I were sleeping together.

3:15 PM

Blogger broomhilda said...

Sure, you just had to take the mystery out of it...asshole! BTW, I received your DVD and card today...I nearly fell off my desk chair laughing. Now I remember seeing you before (on Bozo, argg, I'm telling my age now).

6:33 PM


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